Man pages for adegraphics
An S4 Lattice-Based Package for the Representation of Multivariate Data

add.ADEgSuperpose an new 'ADEg' graph to the previous ones plotted
addhistAdds histograms and density lines against a bi-dimensional...
addlineAdds lines on graphics.
addpointAdds points on graphics.
addsegmentAdds segments on graphics.
addtextAdds labels on graphics.
ADEg.C1-classClass 'ADEg.C1'
ADEg-classClass 'ADEg'
adeg.panel.histPanel function for adding histograms.
adeg.panel.joinPanel function for joining lines.
adeg.panel.labelPanel function for adding labels.
adeg.panel.nbPanel functions for adding graphs.
adeg.panel.SpatialPanel function for adding spatial objects.
adeg.panel.valuesPanel function drawing a third variable into a...
adegparHandling ADEg graphical parameters
adegraphics-internalFor internal use only
adegraphics-packageGraphical objects for ade4 functions (and more)
ADEgSCreation of 'ADEgS' objects
ADEg.S1-classClass 'ADEg.S1'
ADEg.S2-classClass 'ADEg.S2'
ADEgS-classClass '"ADEgS"'
ADEg.T-classClass 'ADEg.T'
ADEg.Tr-classClass '"ADEg.Tr"'
C1.barchart-classClass 'C1.barchart'
C1.curve-classClass 'C1.curve'
C1.density-classClass 'C1.density'
C1.dotplot-classClass 'C1.dotplot'
C1.gauss-classClass 'C1.gauss'
C1.hist-classClass 'C1.hist'
C1.interval-classClass 'C1.interval'
cbindADEgCombine 'ADEg' objects by columns or rows
changelatticethemeChange the 'lattice' theme used for 'adegraphics'
getcall-methodsMethod for 'ADEg' and 'ADEgS' objects
insertInsert a graphic into an existing one
layout2positionTransform a layout matrix into a position one
panel-methodsMethods 'panel' for 'ADEg' objects
plotMethods to display the outputs of an analysis performed with...
plotEigPlot a barchart of eigen values
plot.inertiaDisplay the decomposition of inertia which measure the...
prepare-methodsMethods 'prepare' for 'ADEg' objects
S1.boxplot-classClass 'S1.boxplot'
S1.class-classClass 'S1.class'
s1d.barchart1-D plot of a numeric score by bars
s1d.boxplot1-D box plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes...
s1d.class1-D plot of a numeric score partitioned in classes (levels of...
s1d.curve1-D plot of a numeric score linked by curves
s1d.curves1-D plot of multiple scores linked by curves
s1d.density1-D plot of a numeric score by density curves
s1d.distri1-D plot of a numeric score by means/standard deviations...
s1d.dotplot1-D plot of a numeric score by dots
s1d.gauss1-D plot of a numeric score by Gaussian curves
s1d.hist1-D plot of a numeric score by bars
s1d.interval1-D plot of the interval between two numeric scores
S1.distri-classClass 'S1.distri'
s1d.label1-D plot of a numeric score with labels
s1d.match1-D plot of the matching between two numeric scores
S1.label-classClass 'S1.label'
S1.match-classClass 'S1.match'
S2.arrow-classClass 'S2.arrow'
S2.class-classClass 'S2.class'
S2.corcircle-classClass 'S2.corcircle'
S2.density-classClass 'S2.density'
S2.distri-classClass 'S2.distri'
S2.image-classClass 'S2.image'
S2.label-classClass 'S2.label'
S2.logo-classClass 'S2.logo'
S2.match-classClass 'S2.match'
S2.traject-classClass 'S2.traject'
S2.value-classClass 'S2.value'
s.arrow2-D scatter plot with arrows
s.class2-D scatter plot with a partition in classes (levels of a...
s.corcircleCorrelation circle
s.density2-D scatter plot with kernel density estimation
s.distri2-D scatter plot with means/standard deviations computed...
setlimits1DComputes limits for 1D and 2D displays.
s.image2-D scatter plot with loess estimation of an additional...
s.label2-D scatter plot with labels
s.logo2-D scatter plot with logos (bitmap objects)
s.match2-D scatter plot of the matching between two sets of...
sortparamADEgSort a sequence of graphical parameters
s.SpatialMapping of a Spatial* object
s.traject2-D scatter plot with trajectories
superposeSuperpose two graphics
s.value2-D scatter plot with proportional symbols (bubble plot)
table.imageHeat map-like representation with colored cells
table.valueHeat map-like representation with proportional symbols
T.cont-classClass 'T.cont'
T.image-classClass 'T.image'
Tr.class-classClass 'Tr.class'
triangle.classTernary plot with a partition in classes (levels of a factor)
triangle.labelTernary plot with labels
triangle.matchTernary plot of the matching between two sets of coordinates
triangle.trajectTernary plot with trajectories
Tr.label-classClass 'Tr.label'
Tr.match-classClass 'Tr.match'
Tr.traject-classClass 'Tr.traject'
T.value-classClass 'T.value'
zoomZoom in or out
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