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A class for the creation and display of a numeric score using a histogram.

Objects from the Class

C1.hist objects can be created by calls of the form new("C1.hist", ...).

The regular usage in this package is to use the s1d.hist function.



a list containing data or data's name.

  • score: the displayed values in the form of a vector, a factor, a name or a matching call.

  • frame: a positive or null integer. It is the number of the frame containing the data (used with sys.frame(..., env = data$frame)). Only if the data are not stored (i.e. data$storeData = FALSE).

  • storeData: a logical indicating if the data should be stored in the returned object. If FALSE, only the names of the data arguments are stored.


a list of parameters for lattice call. It will be passed directly to par.settings arguments of the lattice function.


a list of graphical parameters, corresponding to the ones given by adegpar() function.


a list to create the trellis object.


a list containing some method parameters linked with the created object of ADEg.C1 class. The specific slots for C1.hist objects are:

  • breaks: a vector of values to split score. If NULL, pretty(score, nclass) is used.

  • nclass: an integer for the number of desired intervals, ignored if breaks is not missing.

  • type: a value among count, density, percent to indicate the unit of the cell height.

  • right: a logical indicating if the histogram cells are right-closed (left open) intervals.


a list of internal preliminary calculations. The specific slots for C1.hist objects are:

  • heights: the cell height.

  • breaks: the cell boundaries.


a list of some others internal parameters


an object of class call


Class ADEg.C1, directly.
Class ADEg, by class ADEg.C1, distance 2.
Class ADEgORtrellis, by class ADEg.C1, distance 3.
Class ADEgORADEgSORtrellis, by class ADEg.C1, distance 3.


The methods of the father classes "ADEg.C1" and "ADEg" can be used by inheritance. The specific methods for C1.hist are:


signature(object = "C1.hist"): calls the parent method (prepare for ADEg.C1), modifies some graphical parameters used by default and calculates the boundaries and the height of cells.


signature(object = "C1.hist"): draws rectangles.


Alice Julien-Laferriere, Aurelie Siberchicot aurelie.siberchicot@univ-lyon1.fr and Stephane Dray

See Also

ADEg ADEg.C1 s1d.hist



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