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An object of ADEg.Tr class represents triangular coordinates in 2D.

The ADEg.Tr class is a virtual class, i.e. a class which is not possible to create objects but which have heirs. This class inherits from ADEg class and has three son classes : Tr.class, Tr.label, T.match and T.traject.

Objects from the Class

None object of this class can be instantiated.



a list containing data or data's name.

  • dfxyz: the displayed values in the form of a data frame with three columns, a name or a matching call.

  • frame: a positive or null integer. It is the number of the frame containing the data (used with sys.frame(..., env = data$frame)). Only if the data are not stored (i.e. data$storeData = FALSE).

  • storeData: a logical indicating if the data should be stored in the returned object. If FALSE, only the names of the data arguments are stored.


a list of parameters for lattice call. It will be passed directly to par.settings arguments of the lattice function.


a list of graphical parameters, corresponding to the ones given by adegpar() function.

a list of two elements to create the trellis object:

  • graphictype: xyplot

  • arguments: its parameters to obtain the trellis object


a list containing some method parameters linked with the created object of ADEg.Tr class:

  • max3d and min3d: triangular limits

  • adjust: a logical to adjust the device with the limits


a list of internal preliminary calculations


a list of some others internal parameters:

  • adjust.update: a logical indicating if the adjust slot is updating

  • cornerp: coordinates of the triangle extremities.

  • lgrid: a list containing the three coordinates of the grid segments extremities(pts1, pts2, pts3) and the value of the division (posgrid)


an object of class call


Class ADEg, directly.



signature(object = "ADEg.Tr"): performs the calculations before display the object (e.g. limits, grid and axis calculations)


signature(object = "ADEg.Tr"): prepares the slot


signature(object = "ADEg.Tr"): defines the graphical background (e.g. triangle and grid)


signature(object = "ADEg.Tr"): converts the graphic into a trellis object of lattice class


Alice Julien-Laferriere, Aurelie Siberchicot and Stephane Dray

See Also

adegpar Tr.class Tr.label Tr.match Tr.traject ADEg



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