adehabitatHS: Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals

A collection of tools for the analysis of habitat selection.

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AuthorClement Calenge, contributions from Mathieu Basille
Date of publication2015-07-22 12:37:25
MaintainerClement Calenge <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

adehabitatHS-internal: Internal adehabitatHS objects

bauges: Census of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Bauges...

bighorn: Radio-Tracking of Bighorn Sheeps

biv.test: Bivariate Test

canomi: Canonical OMI analysis

chamois: Location of Chamois Groups in the Chartreuse Mountains

compana: Compositional Analysis of Habitat Use

domain: Estimation of the Potential Distribution of a Species

dunnfa: Factorial Analysis of the Specialization in Habitat Selection...

eisera: Eigenanalysis of Selection Ratios

enfa: Ecological Niche Factor Analysis

engen2008II: Measuring Habitat Selection Using the Method of Engen et al....

gnesfa: General Niche-Environment System Factor Analysis

histniche: Histograms of the Ecological Niche

kselect: K-Select Analysis: a Method to Analyse the Habitat Selection...

madifa: The MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis...

mahasuhab: Habitat Suitability Mapping with Mahalanobis Distances.

niche.test: Monte-Carlo Test on Parameters of the Ecological Niche

pheasant: Radio-Tracking of Pheasants

predict.enfa: Habitat Suitability Maps Built from the ENFA

puech: Radio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar (2)

puechdesIII: Habitat Selection by the Wild Boar at Puechabon

rand.kselect: Test of the Third-Order Habitat Selection

randtest.enfa: Randomisation Test for the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis

scatter.enfa: Scatter Plot of the Results of the ENFA

scatterniche: Display the Niche in the Ecological Space

squirrel: Radio-Tracking Data of Squirrels

squirreloc: Radio-tracking of squirrels

vanoise: Habitat Use by Three Species of Galliformes in the Vanoise...

wi: Computation of Selection Ratios for Habitat Selection...


bauges Man page
bighorn Man page
biv.plot Man page
biv.test Man page
canomi Man page
chamois Man page
compana Man page
domain Man page
dunnfa Man page
eisera Man page
enfa Man page
engen2008I Man page
engen2008II Man page
gnesfa Man page
hist.enfa Man page
hist.kselect Man page
hist.madifa Man page
histniche Man page
kplot.kselect Man page
kselect Man page
madifa Man page
mahasuhab Man page
niche.test Man page
pheasant Man page
plot.canomi Man page
plot.kselect Man page
plot.madifa Man page
plot.wi Man page
predict.enfa Man page
predict.madifa Man page
prepksel Man page
print.canomi Man page
print.compana Man page
print.dunnfa Man page
print.enfa Man page
print.engenetalI Man page
print.engenetalII Man page
print.esr Man page
print.gnesfa Man page
print.kselect Man page
print.madifa Man page
print.rand.kselect Man page
print.wiI Man page
print.wiII Man page
print.wiIII Man page
profilehab Man page
puech Man page
puechdesIII Man page
rand.kselect Man page
randtest.enfa Man page
scatter.enfa Man page
scatter.esr Man page
scatter.madifa Man page
scatterniche Man page
s.madifa Man page
squirrel Man page
squirreloc Man page
vanoise Man page
wi Man page
widesI Man page
widesII Man page
widesIII Man page
wiI Man page
wiII Man page
wiIII Man page

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