Man pages for adehabitatHS
Analysis of Habitat Selection by Animals

adehabitatHS-internalInternal adehabitatHS objects
baugesCensus of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Bauges...
bighornRadio-Tracking of Bighorn Sheeps
biv.testBivariate Test
canomiCanonical OMI analysis
chamoisLocation of Chamois Groups in the Chartreuse Mountains
companaCompositional Analysis of Habitat Use
domainEstimation of the Potential Distribution of a Species
dunnfaFactorial Analysis of the Specialization in Habitat Selection...
eiseraEigenanalysis of Selection Ratios
enfaEcological Niche Factor Analysis
engen2008IIMeasuring Habitat Selection Using the Method of Engen et al....
gnesfaGeneral Niche-Environment System Factor Analysis
histnicheHistograms of the Ecological Niche
kselectK-Select Analysis: a Method to Analyse the Habitat Selection...
madifaThe MADIFA: a Factorial Decomposition of the Mahalanobis...
mahasuhabHabitat Suitability Mapping with Mahalanobis Distances.
niche.testMonte-Carlo Test on Parameters of the Ecological Niche
pheasantRadio-Tracking of Pheasants
predict.enfaHabitat Suitability Maps Built from the ENFA
puechRadio-Tracking Data of Wild Boar (2)
puechdesIIIHabitat Selection by the Wild Boar at Puechabon
rand.kselectTest of the Third-Order Habitat Selection
randtest.enfaRandomisation Test for the Ecological Niche Factor Analysis
scatter.enfaScatter Plot of the Results of the ENFA
scatternicheDisplay the Niche in the Ecological Space
squirrelRadio-Tracking Data of Squirrels
squirrelocRadio-tracking of squirrels
vanoiseHabitat Use by Three Species of Galliformes in the Vanoise...
wiComputation of Selection Ratios for Habitat Selection...
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