squirreloc: Radio-tracking of squirrels

squirrelocR Documentation

Radio-tracking of squirrels


This data set contains the trajectories of 15 radio-monitored squirrels, as well as the vector maps of habitat composition.




This data set is a list of two objects: locs is a SpatialPointsDataFrame containing the relocations of 15 squirrels

map is an object of class SpatialPolygonsDataFrame containing the habitat composition of the area. The habitat types and colour coding are stored in the data.frame


The dataset squirreloc comes from the Ranges VI software. It has been used to illustrate the compositional analysis (see ?compana) and the eigenanalysis of selection ratios (see ?eisera). See also the dataset squirrel.


Kenward, R.E., South, A.B. and Walls, S.S. (2003). Ranges6 v1.2 : For the analysis of tracking and location data. Online manual. Anatrack Ltd. Wareham, UK. ISBN 0-9546327-0-2.

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