admixr 0.9.1

admixr 0.9.0

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admixr 0.8.1

admixr 0.8.0

Finally resumed the development of admixr! Apologies to everyone for having to wait so long. Thank you for your patience and feedback since the last release. I hope that things will start moving a little bit faster and we will reach version 1.0 in the next couple of months.

New features and improvements:

admixr 0.7.1

admixr 0.7.0

admixr 0.6.3

admixr 0.6.2

admixr 0.6.1

This function has been removed and the vcf2eigenstrat program is maintained in its own repository.

admixr 0.6.0

admixr 0.5.0

admixr 0.4.1

admixr 0.4.0

admixr 0.3.0

admixr 0.2.0

admixr 0.1.0


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