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Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research


This package contains functionality for the Statistical Analysis of experimental designs applied specially for field experiments in agriculture and plant breeding.


Package: agricolae
Type: Package
Version: 1.3-7
Date: 2023-10-22
License: GPL

Planning of field experiments: lattice, factorial, RCBD, CRD, Latin Square, Youden, Graeco, BIB, Alpha design, Cyclic, augmented block, split and strip plot Designs. Comparison of multi-location trials: AMMI, Index AMMI Stability (biplot, triplot), comparison between treatments: LSD, Bonferroni and other p-adjust, HSD, Waller, Student Newman Keuls SNK, Duncan, REGW, Scheffe; Non parametric tests: Kruskal, Friedman, Durbin, Van Der Waerden, Median. Analysis of genetic experiments: North Carolina designs, LinexTester, Balanced Incomplete Block, Strip plot, Split-Plot, Partially Balanced Incomplete Block, analysis Mother and baby trials (see data RioChillon). Resampling and simulation: resampling.model, simulation.model, montecarlo, lateblight Simulator for potato. Ecology: Biodiversity Index, Path Analysis. Soil Uniformity: Smith's Index. Cluster Analysis: Consensus Cluster. Descriptive statistics utilities: *.freq


Felipe de Mendiburu Statistical Engineer Master in Systems Engineering Professor of Applied Statistics

Maintainer: Felipe de Mendiburu <>


De Mendiburu, Felipe (2009). Una herramienta de analisis estadistico para la investigacion agricola. Tesis. Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (UNI-PERU).

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Lima-PERU. Facultad de Economia y Planificacion Departamento Academico de Estadistica e Informatica

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