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Statistical Procedures for Agricultural Research

agricolae-packageStatistical Procedures for Agricultural Research
AMMI.contourAMMI contour
audpcCalculating the absolute or relative value of the AUDPC
audpsThe Area Under the Disease Progress Stairs
bar.errPlotting the standard error or standard deviance of a...
bar.groupPlotting the multiple comparison of means
BIB.testFinding the Variance Analysis of the Balanced Incomplete...
carolinaNorth Carolina Designs I, II and III
Chz2006Data amendment Carhuaz 2006
CICData for late blight of potatoes
clayData of Ralstonia population in clay soil
ComasOxapampaData AUDPC Comas - Oxapampa
consensusconsensus of clusters
cornData of corn
correlCorrelation Coefficient
correlationCorrelation analysis. Methods of Pearson, Spearman, Kendall...
cottonData of cotton
cv.modelCoefficient of the experiment variation
cv.similarityCoefficient of the similarity matrix variation
DAU.testFinding the Variance Analysis of the Augmented block Design
DCData for the analysis of carolina genetic design
delete.naOmitting the rows or columns with missing observations of a...
design.abDesign of experiments for a factorial
design.alphaAlpha design type (0,1)
design.bibRandomized Balanced Incomplete Block Designs. BIB
design.crdCompletely Randomized Design
design.cyclicCyclic designs
design.dauAugmented block design
design.graecoGraeco - latin square design
design.latticeLattice designs
design.lsdLatin Square Design
designMatExperimental design matrix
design.rcbdRandomized Complete Block Design
design.splitSplit Plot Design
design.stripStrip Plot Design
design.youdenIncomplete Latin Square Design
diffographPlotting the multiple comparison of means
diseaseData evaluation of the disease overtime
duncan.testDuncan's new multiple range test
durbin.testDurbin test and multiple comparison of treatments
friedmanFriedman test and multiple comparison of treatments
frijolData of frijol
genxenvData of potato yield in a different environment
GlycoalkaloidsData Glycoalkaloids
grassData for Friedman test
greenhouseData in greenhouse
growthData growth of trees
haynesData of AUDPC for nonparametrical stability analysis
Hco2006Data amendment Huanuco 2006
hcutCut tree of consensus
heterosisData of potato, Heterosis
hgroupsgroups of hclust
HSD.testMultiple comparisons: Tukey
huasahuasiData: Rainfall thresholds as support for timing fungicide...
indexAMMIAMMI index and yield stability
index.bioBiodiversity Index
index.smithUniformity soil. Smith's Index of Soil Heterogeneity
inter.freqClass intervals
join.freqJoin class for histogram
kendallCorrelation of Kendall
kruskalKruskal Wallis test and multiple comparison of treatments.
kurtosisFinding the Kurtosis coefficient
lastCSetting the last character of a chain
lateblightLATEBLIGHT - Simulator for potato late blight Version LB2004
lineXtesterLine x Tester Analysis
LSD.testMultiple comparisons, "Least significant difference" and...
LxTData Line by tester
markersData of molecular markers
medianMedian test. Multiple comparisons
melonData of yield of melon in a Latin square experiment
montecarloRandom generation by Montecarlo
nativesData of native potato
nonadditivityNonadditivity model test
normal.freqNormal curve on the histogram
ogive.freqPlotting the ogive from a histogram
order.groupOrdering the treatments according to the multiple comparison
orderPvalueGrouping the treatments averages in a comparison with a...
pamCIPData Potato Wild
paracshoData of Paracsho biodiversity
path.analysisPath Analysis
PBIB.testAnalysis of the Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Design
plot.groupPlotting the multiple comparison of means
plotsData for an analysis in split-plot
plrvData clones from the PLRV population
polygon.freqThe polygon of frequency on the histogram
potatoData of cutting
ralstoniaData of assessment of the population in the soil...
reg.homogHomologation of regressions
REGW.testRyan, Einot and Gabriel and Welsch multiple range test
resampling.cvResampling to find the optimal number of markers
resampling.modelResampling for linear models
riceData of Grain yield of rice variety IR8
RioChillonData and analysis Mother and baby trials
scheffe.testMultiple comparisons, scheffe
similarityMatrix of similarity in binary data
simulation.modelSimulation of the linear model under normality
sinRepAmmiData for AMMI without repetition
skewnessFinding the skewness coefficient
SNK.testStudent-Newman-Keuls (SNK)
soilData of soil analysis for 13 localities
sp.plotSplip-Plot analysis
ssp.plotSplit-split-Plot analysis
stability.nonparNonparametric stability analysis
stability.parStability analysis. SHUKLA'S STABILITY VARIANCE AND KANG'S
stat.freqDescriptive measures of grouped data
strip.plotStrip-Plot analysis
sturges.freqClass intervals for a histogram, the rule of Sturges
summary.graph.freqfrequency Table of a Histogram
sweetpotatoData of sweetpotato yield
table.freqfrequency Table of a Histogram
tapply.statStatistics of data grouped by factors
VanderWardenMultiple comparisons. The van der Waerden (Normal Scores)
varkVariance K, ties, Kendall
wallerComputations of Bayesian t-values for multiple comparisons
waller.testMultiple comparisons, Waller-Duncan
weatherSeverityWeather and Severity
wiltData of Bacterial Wilt (AUDPC) and soil
yaconData Yacon
zigzagorder plot in serpentine
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