RunModel: Run with the provided hydrological model function

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RunModelR Documentation

Run with the provided hydrological model function


Function which performs a single model run with the provided function over the selected period.


RunModel(InputsModel, RunOptions, Param, FUN_MOD, ...)



[object of class InputsModel] see CreateInputsModel for details


[object of class RunOptions] see CreateRunOptions for details


[numeric] vector of model parameters (See details for SD lag model)


[function] hydrological model function (e.g. RunModel_GR4J, RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J)


(optional) arguments to pass to FUN_MOD


If InputsModel parameter has been created for using a semi-distributed (SD) lag model (See CreateInputsModel), the first item of Param parameter should contain a constant lag parameter expressed as a velocity in m/s, parameters for the hydrological model are then shift one position to the right.


[list] see RunModel_GR4J or RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J for details.

If InputsModel parameter has been created for using a semi-distributed (SD) lag model (See CreateInputsModel), the list value contains an extra item named QsimDown which is a numeric series of simulated discharge [mm/time step] related to the run-off contribution of the downstream sub-catchment.


Laurent Coron, Olivier Delaigue

See Also

RunModel_GR4J, RunModel_CemaNeigeGR4J, CreateInputsModel, CreateRunOptions, CreateIniStates.



## loading catchment data

## preparation of the InputsModel object
InputsModel <- CreateInputsModel(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J, DatesR = BasinObs$DatesR,
                                 Precip = BasinObs$P, PotEvap = BasinObs$E)

## run period selection
Ind_Run <- seq(which(format(BasinObs$DatesR, format = "%Y-%m-%d")=="1990-01-01"),
               which(format(BasinObs$DatesR, format = "%Y-%m-%d")=="1999-12-31"))

## preparation of the RunOptions object
RunOptions <- CreateRunOptions(FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J,
                               InputsModel = InputsModel, IndPeriod_Run = Ind_Run)

## simulation
Param <- c(X1 = 734.568, X2 = -0.840, X3 = 109.809, X4 = 1.971)
OutputsModel <- RunModel(InputsModel = InputsModel,
                         RunOptions = RunOptions, Param = Param,
                         FUN_MOD = RunModel_GR4J)

## results preview
plot(OutputsModel, Qobs = BasinObs$Qmm[Ind_Run])

## efficiency criterion: Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency
InputsCrit  <- CreateInputsCrit(FUN_CRIT = ErrorCrit_NSE, InputsModel = InputsModel,
                                RunOptions = RunOptions, Obs = BasinObs$Qmm[Ind_Run])
OutputsCrit <- ErrorCrit_NSE(InputsCrit = InputsCrit, OutputsModel = OutputsModel)

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