Man pages for algstat
Algebraic statistics in R

abortionHaberman's Abortion, Education, and Religion Data
algstatalgstat : Algebraic statistics in R
AmakerDistance transitive matrix
bertiniEvaluate Bertini Code
bumpConvert Dimensions of Approval Data
cityLiving Location Preference Dataset
condorcetFind a Condorcet Choice.
cookieGirl Scout Cookie Preferences
countCount Integer Points in a Polytope
countTablesCount Similarly Margined Contingency Tables
drugsUse of Alcohol, Cigarettes, and Marijuana by High School...
EmakerCreate the expected higher-order statistics calculating...
habermanHaberman's Positive Margin no Three-way Interaction MLE
handyHandedness Data
hierarchicalFitting Hierarchical Log-linear Models with Algebraic Methods
hmatConstruct a Hierarchical Model Matrix
is.bertiniBertini Object Check
is.linearTest whether an mpoly object is linear.
is.m2Macaulay2 Object Check
kprodIterated Kronecker product
latteMaxSolve a Linear Program (Maximization)
latteMinSolve a Linear Program (Minimization)
lowerCreate a lower triangular matrix
lpnormLp Norm
m2Evaluate Macaulay2 Code
markovCompute a Markov Basis with 4ti2
mchooseMultinomial Coefficient
metropolisMarkov Basis Metropolis-Hastings Algorithm
MmakerMarginals matrix
onesOnes Vector
PmakerPairs matrix
politicalGoalsRelative Rankings of Importance of Four Political Goals
politicsPolitics by Personality
polyOptimPolynomial Optimization
polySolveSolve a System of Polynomial Equations
print.bertiniPretty Printing of Bertini Output
print.hierarchicalPretty Printing of Hierarchical's Output
print.m2Pretty printing of Macaulay2 output.
print.polyOptimPretty printing of polyOptim (Bertini) output.
print.spectralPretty Printing of Spectral's Output
print.tableauPretty printing of tableau output.
projectOntoVector Projection onto col(A)
projectOntoPerpVector Projection onto the orthogonal complement of col(A)
rvotesRandom Spectral Data
setBertiniPathSet Bertini Path
setLattePathSet LattE Path
setM2PathSet Macaulay2 Path
setMarkovPathSet 4ti2 Path
SmakerMeans matrix (rank data)
spectralAnalyze a Rank Dataset
subsetsCompute Subsets
summary.bertiniSummarize Bertini Output
tab2vecArray to Vector conversion
tableauTableau Notation for Markov
teshapeInterconvert data structures
TmakerCreate the sufficient statistics calculating matrix for...
UmakerU matrix (rank data)
upperCreate an upper triangular matrix
varietyCompute a Variety
vec2tabVector to Array conversion
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