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For each person on board the fatal maiden voyage of the ocean liner Titanic, this dataset records sex, age (adult/child), economic status (first/second/third class, or crew) and whether or not that person survived. The name of the company that owned the Titanic was White Star. Several versions of these data exist in the R universe.


This data frame contains the following columns:


Number of survivors


survivors + deaths


Crew or passanger class


adult or child


male or female


Report on the Loss of the ‘Titanic’ (S.S.) (1990), British Board of Trade Inquiry Report (reprint), Gloucester, UK: Allan Sutton Publishing. Taken from the Journal on Statistical Education Archive, submitted by rdawson@husky1.stmarys.ca.


Weisberg, S. (2014). Applied Linear Regression, 4th edition. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.



Example output

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  surv   m class   age    sex
1   20  23  crew adult female
2  192 862  crew adult   male
3    1   1 first child female
4    5   5 first child   male
5  140 144 first adult female
6   57 175 first adult   male

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