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Data on electricity consumption (KWH) and mean temperature (degrees F) for one building on the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus. for 39 months in 1988-92. The goal is to model consumption as a function of temperature. Higher temperature causes the use of air conditioning, so high temperatures should mean high consumption. This building is steam heated, so electricity is not used for heating.


This data frame contains the following columns:


Monthly mean temperature, degrees F.


Electricty consumption in KWH/day


Charles Ng


Weisberg, S. (2014). Applied Linear Regression, 4th edition. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.



Example output

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     Temp       C
1  8.5536 86.2143
2 10.6613 72.3871
3 12.4516 74.0968
4 16.9032 68.2258
5 20.5161 72.3548
6 21.1613 76.4839

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