Man pages for alterryx
An 'API' Client for the 'Alteryx' Gallery

alterryxalterryx: An API client for the Alteryx Gallery
alteryx_appAlteryx Applications
alteryx_app_adminAlteryx Applications (Admin)
alteryx_jobAlteryx Jobs
app_jobsGet App Jobs
build_base_stringCreate the base string to be signed
build_base_urlCreate and percent encode the base URL, part of the base...
build_request_urlBuild Request URL
build_signatureMake Signature
cat_pasteCat Paste
check_classError handling for incorrect object inputs to api.R calls
check_keysCheck Keys
check_statusError handling for non-200 status codes
download_appDownload App
download_app_adminGet Applications (Admin)
empty_answerEmpty Answer
encode_listPercent encode all values in a list using 'utils::URLencode'
generate_nonceGenerate Nonce
generate_required_headersGenerate the request headers required by Alteryx Gallery
get_appGet Applications
get_app_adminGet Applications (Admin)
get_app_questionsGet App Questions
get_galleryGet Gallery
get_infoGet Resource Information
get_job_logJob Log
get_job_outputGet Job Output
get_migration_formGet Migration Default Form
get_priorityGet Priority
migrateMigrate Workflows
normalize_request_paramsCombine, sort, and percent encode headers and param list,...
parse_request_responseParse Request Response
remove_bomRemove Byte Order Mark
running_jobsQueue Job for an App
sign_base_stringSign Base String
submit_get_requestSubmit GET Request
submit_post_requestSubmit POST Request
submit_put_requestSubmit PUT Request
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