get_job_output: Get Job Output

Description Usage Arguments Value WARNING


If an Alteryx app includes one or more output tools inside the application, the output will be available for download once the job is complete.

Use get_job_output to get the job outputs as a data.frame


get_job_output(job, gallery = get_gallery(), quiet = FALSE)



An completed Alteryx job returned from get_app_jobs


URL for your Alteryx Gallery


Set to TRUE to ignore the warnings of skipped, invalid outputs


A list containing a data.frame for each valid output of an Alteryx app. Valid means that the output can be converted as explained in the WARNING section.


In order to retrieve the results for a job as a data.frame, the from the Alteryx app that is published to your gallery must have an output format of csv or yxdb. Otherwise, it cannot be properly converted. If you have multiple outputs, some of which cannot be converted, this function will issue a warning and skip the invalid outputs. Use queit = TRUE to skip the outputs without warning.

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