Man pages for animint2
Animated Interactive Grammar of Graphics

absoluteGrobAbsolute grob
addShowSelectedForLegendAdd a showSelected aesthetic if legend is specified
addSSandCSasAestheticsAdd the showSelected/clickSelects params to the aesthetics...
add_themeModify properties of an element in a theme object
aesDefine aesthetic mappings.
aes_Define aesthetic mappings from strings, or quoted calls and...
aes_allGiven a character vector, create a set of identity mappings
aes_autoAutomatic aesthetic mapping
aes_colour_fill_alphaColour related aesthetics: colour, fill and alpha
aes_linetype_size_shapeDifferentiation related aesthetics: linetype, size, shape
aes_positionPosition related aesthetics: x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax,...
animintCreate an animint
animint2dirCompile and render an animint in a local directory.
animint2-gganimintprotoBase gganimintproto classes for ggplot2
animint2pagesPublish a list of ggplots as interactive visualizations on a...
animintOutputShiny ui output function
annotateCreate an annotation layer.
annotation_customAnnotation: Custom grob.
annotation_logticksAnnotation: log tick marks
annotation_mapAnnotation: maps.
annotation_rasterAnnotation: High-performance rectangular tiling.
as_labellerCoerce to labeller function
as.list.gganimintprotoConvert a gganimintproto object to a list
autoplotCreate a complete ggplot appropriate to a particular data...
benchplotBenchmark plot creation time. Broken down into construct,...
bordersCreate a layer of map borders.
breakpointsThe breakpointError of simulated signals
calc_elementCalculate the element properties, by inheriting properties...
checkAnimationTimeVarCheck animation variable for errors
checkExtraParamsCheck 'extra_params' argument for duplicates, non-named list
checkForSSandCSasAestheticsCheck if showSelected and clickSelects have been used as...
checkPlotForAnimintExtensionsPerforms error checking on the plot for animint extensions
checkPlotListCheck plot.list for errors
checkSingleShowSelectedValueIssue warnings for non interactive plots where there is only...
colsNotToCopyFilter out columns that do not need to be copied
continuous_scaleContinuous scale constructor.
coord_cartesianCartesian coordinates.
coord_fixedCartesian coordinates with fixed relationship between x and y...
coord_flipFlipped cartesian coordinates.
coord_mapMap projections.
coord_munchMunch coordinates data
coord_polarPolar coordinates.
coord_transTransformed cartesian coordinate system.
cut_intervalCut up numeric vector into useful groups.
diamondsPrices of 50,000 round cut diamonds
discrete_scaleDiscrete scale constructor.
draw_keyKey drawing functions
economicsUS economic time series.
element_blankTheme element: blank. This theme element draws nothing, and...
element_grobGenerate grid grob from theme element
element_lineTheme element: line.
element_rectTheme element: rectangle.
element_textTheme element: text.
expand_limitsExpand the plot limits with data.
facetFacet specification.
facet_gridLay out panels in a grid.
facet_nullFacet specification: a single panel.
facet_wrapWrap a 1d ribbon of panels into 2d.
faithfuld2d density estimate of Old Faithful data
format.gganimintprotoFormat a gganimintproto object
fortifyFortify a model with data.
fortify.lmSupplement the data fitted to a linear model with model fit...
fortify.mapFortify method for map objects.
fortify.spFortify method for classes from the sp package.
generation.lociEvolution simulation
geom_ablineLines: horizontal, vertical, and specified by slope and...
geom_blankBlank, draws nothing.
geom_histogramHistograms and frequency polygons.
geom_tallrectggplot2 geom with xmin and xmax aesthetics that covers the...
geom_widerectggplot2 geom with ymin and ymax aesthetics that covers the...
getCommonChunkSave the common columns for each tsv to one chunk
getLayerNameGives a unique name to each layer in 'saveLayer'
getLayerParamsGet all parameters for a layer
getLegendFunction to get legend information for each scale
getLegendListFunction to get legend information from ggplot
getTextSizeFunction to process text size with different types of unit
getUniqueAxisLabelsGet unique axis labels for the plot
gg-addAdd a new component to a ggplot or theme object.
gganimintprotoCreate a new gganimintproto object
gg_depGive a deprecation error, warning, or message, depending on...
ggplotCreate a new ggplot plot.
ggplot_buildBuild ggplot for rendering.
ggplotGrobGenerate a ggplot2 plot grob.
ggplot_gtableBuild a plot with all the usual bits and pieces.
ggsaveSave a ggplot (or other grid object) with sensible defaults
ggthemeggplot2 themes
graphical-unitsGraphical units
g_train_layoutLearn the layout of panels within a plot.
guide_colourbarContinuous colour bar guide.
guide_legendLegend guide.
guidesSet guides for each scale.
hmiscWrap up a selection of summary functions from Hmisc to make...
intregInterval regression
is.CoordIs this object a coordinate system?
is.facetIs this object a facetting specification?
is.gganimintprotoIs an object a gganimintproto object?
is.ggplotReports whether x is a ggplot object
is.relReports whether x is a rel object
is.rgbCheck if character is an RGB hexadecimal color value
issueSelectorWarningsIssue warnings for selectors
is.themeReports whether x is a theme object
knit_print.animintInsert an interactive animation into an R markdown document...
label_bquoteBackquoted labeller
labellerGeneric labeller function for facets
labellersLabeller functions
labsChange axis labels, legend titles, plot title/subtitle and...
last_plotRetrieve the last plot to be modified or created.
layerCreate a new layer
limitsGenerate correct scale type for specified limits
limsConvenience functions to set the axis limits.
luv_colours'colors()' in Luv space.
make_barConvenience function for an interactive bar that might...
make_tallrectMake a clickSelects geom_tallrect that completely tiles the x...
make_tallrect_or_widerectMake a clickSelects geom_widerect or geom_tallrect that...
make_textConvenvience function for a showSelected plot label.
make_widerectMake a clickSelects geom_widerect that completely tiles the y...
map_dataCreate a data frame of map data.
marginDefine margins.
mean_seCalculate mean and standard errors on either side.
merge_recurseMerge a list of data frames.
midwestMidwest demographics.
mpgFuel economy data from 1999 and 2008 for 38 popular models of...
msleepAn updated and expanded version of the mammals sleep dataset.
newEnvironmentEnvironment to store meta data
parsePlotConvert a ggplot to a list.
position_dodgeAdjust position by dodging overlaps to the side.
position_identityDon't adjust position
position_jitterJitter points to avoid overplotting.
position_jitterdodgeAdjust position by simultaneously dodging and jittering
position_nudgeNudge points.
position_stackStack overlapping objects on top of one another.
presidentialTerms of 11 presidents from Eisenhower to Obama.
print.animintprint animint
print.gganimintplotDraw plot on current graphics device.
print.gganimintprotoPrint a gganimintproto object 'pt' value to 'lines'
qplotQuick plot
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
relRelative sizing for theme elements
remove_missingConvenience function to remove missing values from a...
renderAnimintCreate an animint output element
resolutionCompute the "resolution" of a data vector.
saveChunksSplit data set into chunks and save them to separate files.
scale_alphaAlpha scales.
scale_brewerSequential, diverging and qualitative colour scales from...
scale_continuousContinuous position scales (x & y).
scale_datePosition scale, date & date times
scale_discreteDiscrete position.
scale_gradientSmooth gradient between two colours
scale_greySequential grey colour scale.
scale_hueQualitative colour scale with evenly spaced hues.
scale_identityUse values without scaling.
scale_linetypeScale for line patterns.
scale_manualCreate your own discrete scale.
scale_shapeScale for shapes, aka glyphs.
scale_sizeScale size (area or radius).
scale_size_animintScale point sizes using circle area, but specifying the...
sealsVector field of seal movements.
selectSSandCSSeparate .variable/.value selectors
setPlotSizesSet plot width and height for all plots
should_stopUsed in examples to illustrate when errors should occur.
split_recursiveSplit data.frame into recursive list of data.frame.
stat_ecdfEmpirical Cumulative Density Function
stat_ellipsePlot data ellipses.
stat_identityIdentity statistic.
stat_summary_2dBin and summarise in 2d (rectangle & hexagons)
summary.gganimintplotDisplays a useful description of a ggplot object
switch_axesFlip axes in case of coord_flip Switches column names. Eg....
themeSet theme elements
theme_animinttheme for passing animint specific params
theme_updateGet, set and update themes.
toRGBConvert R colors to RGB hexadecimal color values
train_positionTrain position scales with data
transform_positionConvenience function to transform all position variables.
transform_shapeFunction to transform R shapes into d3 shapes...
translate_qplot_ggplotTranslating between qplot and ggplot
translate_qplot_latticeTranslating between qplot and lattice
txhousingHousing sales in TX.
update_defaultsModify geom/stat aesthetic defaults for future plots
update_galleryUpdate gallery
update_labelsUpdate axis/legend labels
UStornadoesTornadoes in the United States from 1950 to 2012
varied.chunkExtract subset for each data.frame in a list of data.frame
waiverA waiver object.
WorldBankDemographics by country from 1960 to 2012
worldPopWorld population by subcontinent
zeroGrobThe zero grob draws nothing and has zero size.
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