aod: Analysis of Overdispersed Data

This package provides a set of functions to analyse overdispersed counts or proportions. Most of the methods are already available elsewhere but are scattered in different packages. The proposed functions should be considered as complements to more sophisticated methods such as generalized estimating equations (GEE) or generalized linear mixed effect models (GLMM).

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AuthorMatthieu Lesnoff <> and Renaud Lancelot <>
Date of publication2012-04-10 07:30:34
MaintainerRenaud Lancelot <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AIC: Akaike Information Criteria

aic-class: Representation of Objects of Formal Class "aic"

anova.glimML: Likelihood-Ratio Tests for Nested ML Models

antibio: Antibiotics against Shipping Fever in Calves

aod-pkg: Analysis of Overdispersed Data

betabin: Beta-Binomial Model for Proportions

coef: Methods for Function "coef" in Package "aod"

cohorts: Age, Period and Cohort Effects for Vital Rates

deviance: Methods for Function "deviance" in Package "aod"

df.residual: Methods for Function "df.residual" in Package "aod"

dja: Mortality of Djallonke Lambs in Senegal

donner: Test of Proportion Homogeneity using Donner's Adjustment

drs-class: Representation of Objects of Formal Class "drs"

fitted: Methods for Function "fitted" in Package "aod"

glimML-class: Representation of Models of Formal Class "glimML"

glimQL-class: Representation of Models of Formal Class "glimQL"

iccbin: Intra-Cluster Correlation for Binomial Data

iccbin-class: Representation of Objects of Formal Class "iccbin"

invlink: Transformation from the Link Scale to the Observation Scale

link: Transformation from the Observation Scale to the Link Scale

lizards: A Comparison of Site Preferences of Two Species of Lizard

logLik: Methods for Functions "logLik" in Package "aod"

mice: Pregnant Female Mice Experiment

negbin: Negative-Binomial Model for Counts

orob1: Germination Data

orob2: Germination Data

predict: Methods for Function "predict" in Package "aod"

quasibin: Quasi-Likelihood Model for Proportions

quasipois: Quasi-Likelihood Model for Counts

rabbits: Rabbits Foetuses Survival Experiment

raoscott: Test of Proportion Homogeneity using Rao and Scott's...

rats: Rats Diet Experiment

residuals: Residuals for Maximum-Likelihood and Quasi-Likelihood Models

salmonella: Salmonella Reverse Mutagenicity Assay

splitbin: Split Grouped Data Into Individual Data

summary.aic: Akaike Information Statistics

summary.glimML-class: Summary of Objects of Class "summary.glimML"

varbin: Mean, Variance and Confidence Interval of a Proportion

varbin-class: Representation of Objects of Formal Class "varbin"

vcov: Methods for Function "vcov" in Package "aod"

wald.test: Wald Test for Model Coefficients


aic-class Man page
AIC,glimML-method Man page
anova,ANY-method Man page
anova.glimML-class Man page
anova,glimML-method Man page
anova-method Man page
antibio Man page
aod Man page
aod-pkg Man page
betabin Man page
coef,ANY-method Man page
coef,glimML-method Man page
coef,glimQL-method Man page
coef-methods Man page
cohorts Man page
deviance,ANY-method Man page
deviance,glimML-method Man page
deviance-methods Man page
df.residual,ANY-method Man page
df.residual,glimML-method Man page
df.residual,glimQL-method Man page
df.residual-methods Man page
dja Man page
donner Man page
drs-class Man page
fitted,ANY-method Man page
fitted,glimML-method Man page
fitted,glimQL-method Man page
fitted-methods Man page
geeglm-class Man page
geese-class Man page
glimML-class Man page
glimQL-class Man page
iccbin Man page
iccbin-class Man page
invlink Man page
link Man page
lizards Man page
logLik,ANY-method Man page
logLik,glimML-method Man page
logLik-methods Man page
mice Man page
negbin Man page
orob1 Man page
orob2 Man page
predict,glimML-method Man page
predict,glimQL-method Man page
predict-methods Man page
print.wald.test Man page
quasibin Man page
quasipois Man page
rabbits Man page
raoscott Man page
rats Man page
residuals,ANY-method Man page
residuals,glimML-method Man page
residuals,glimQL-method Man page
residuals-methods Man page
salmonella Man page
show,aic-method Man page
show,anova.glimML-method Man page
show,donner-class Man page
show,drs-method Man page
show,glimML-class Man page
show,glimML-method Man page
show,glimQL-method Man page
show,iccbin-method Man page
show,raoscott-class Man page
show,summary.glimML-method Man page
show,varbin-class Man page
show,varbin-method Man page
splitbin Man page
summary,aic-method Man page
summary.glimML-class Man page
summary,glimML-method Man page
varbin Man page
varbin-class Man page
vcov,ANY-method Man page
vcov,geeglm-method Man page
vcov,geese-method Man page
vcov,glimML-method Man page
vcov,glimQL-method Man page
vcov-methods Man page
wald.test Man page

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