orob2: Germination Data

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“A 2 x 2 factorial experiment comparing 2 types of seed and 2 root extracts. There are 5 or 6 replicates in each of the 4 treatment groups, and each replicate comprises a number of seeds varying between 4 and 81. The response variable is the proportion of seeds germinating in each replicate.” (Crowder, 1978, Table 3).




A data frame with 21 observations on the following 4 variables.


a factor with 2 levels: O73 and O75.


a factor with 2 levels BEAN and CUCUMBER.


a numeric vector: the number of seeds exposed to germination.


a numeric vector: the number of seeds which actually germinated.


Crowder, M.J., 1978. Beta-binomial anova for proportions. Appl. Statist. 27, 34-37.

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