Man pages for aod
Analysis of Overdispersed Data

AICAkaike Information Criteria
aic-classRepresentation of Objects of Formal Class "aic"
anova.glimMLLikelihood-Ratio Tests for Nested ML Models
antibioAntibiotics against Shipping Fever in Calves
aod-pkgAnalysis of Overdispersed Data
betabinBeta-Binomial Model for Proportions
coefMethods for Function "coef" in Package "aod"
cohortsAge, Period and Cohort Effects for Vital Rates
devianceMethods for Function "deviance" in Package "aod"
df.residualMethods for Function "df.residual" in Package "aod"
djaMortality of Djallonke Lambs in Senegal
donnerTest of Proportion Homogeneity using Donner's Adjustment
drs-classRepresentation of Objects of Formal Class "drs"
fittedMethods for Function "fitted" in Package "aod"
glimML-classRepresentation of Models of Formal Class "glimML"
glimQL-classRepresentation of Models of Formal Class "glimQL"
iccbinIntra-Cluster Correlation for Binomial Data
iccbin-classRepresentation of Objects of Formal Class "iccbin"
invlinkTransformation from the Link Scale to the Observation Scale
linkTransformation from the Observation Scale to the Link Scale
lizardsA Comparison of Site Preferences of Two Species of Lizard
logLikMethods for Functions "logLik" in Package "aod"
micePregnant Female Mice Experiment
negbinNegative-Binomial Model for Counts
orob1Germination Data
orob2Germination Data
predictMethods for Function "predict" in Package "aod"
quasibinQuasi-Likelihood Model for Proportions
quasipoisQuasi-Likelihood Model for Counts
rabbitsRabbits Foetuses Survival Experiment
raoscottTest of Proportion Homogeneity using Rao and Scott's...
ratsRats Diet Experiment
residualsResiduals for Maximum-Likelihood and Quasi-Likelihood Models
salmonellaSalmonella Reverse Mutagenicity Assay
splitbinSplit Grouped Data Into Individual Data
summary.aicAkaike Information Statistics
summary.glimML-classSummary of Objects of Class "summary.glimML"
varbinMean, Variance and Confidence Interval of a Proportion
varbin-classRepresentation of Objects of Formal Class "varbin"
vcovMethods for Function "vcov" in Package "aod"
wald.testWald Test for Model Coefficients
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