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Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

apc_2.0.0-packageAge-period-cohort analysis data as an age, period and cohort groups from data set. age, period and cohort sums of a matrix an age period cohort model
apc.forecastForecasts from age-period-cohort models.
apc.forecast.acForecast for responses model with AC or CL structure.
apc.forecast.apForecast for Poisson response model with AP structure.
apc.forecast.apcForecast models with APC structure.
apc.get.designCreate design matrices
apc.get.indexGet indices for mapping data into trapezoid formation
apc.hypothesisImposing hypotheses on age-period-cohort models.
apc.identifyIdentification of time effects direct tests between APC models
apc.indiv.est.modelEstimate a single APC model
apc.indiv.model.tableGenerate table to select APC submodel all descriptive plots. plot of data matrix. plot shows heat map of the sparsity of a data matrix. plot shows sums of data matrix by age, period or cohort. plot shows time series of matrix within age, period or...
apc.plot.fitPlots of apc estimates all fit plots. probability transform of responses given fitted values plots of residuals / fitted values / linear predictors
apc.polygonAdd connected line and standard deviation polygons to a plot
data.aidsUK aids data
data.asbestosAsbestos data
data.Belgian.lung.cancerBelgian lung cancer data
data.Italian.bladder.cancerItalian bladder cancer data
data.Japanese.breast.cancerJapanese breast cancer data
data.loss.BZMotor data
data.loss.TAMotor data
data.loss.VNJMotor data
data.loss.XLUS Casualty data, XL Group
data.RH.mortality2-sample mortality data.
data.US.prostate.cancerJapanese breast cancer data
internalInternal apc Functions
new.apc.identifyIdentification of time effects
new.apc.plot.fitPlots of apc estimates
triangleTriangular matrices used in reserving
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