Extending badgecreatr

Since more then two people make use of this project, let me explain how to extend this package.

This package creates markdown and in some cases RMarkdown chunks. These chunks are displayed in nicely formated html because code sharing websites such as Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket display markdown files in the browser. It is very useful.


There are three types of functions.

  1. functions that create a chunk of markdown: they all start with badge_*.
  2. There are also functions that search for information in your DESCRIPTION file, or other files such as travis.yml.
  3. Finally a third kind of function that places badges in a document, either a README.Rmd or README.md.

I previously used clunky and ugly code to do the search and placement actions. But I try to seperate that all out into simple functions.

1. Adding a badge

If you have a badge that you would like to add, fork the project and modify R/badges.R , tests/testthat/test_badges.R, and changelog.md. Then give me a pull-request to add it to the project.

A badge needs:

[![name of badge](link to image)](clickable link)  # for example:

There is an internal function badgepaste(imagelink = ,referlink = ,name = ) that makes this easy: ```` badgepaste(imagelink = "https://img.shields.io/badge/license-GPL--3-blue.svg", referlink = "https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html", name = "license")

* *A unit test in `test_badges.R`* Add and modify the following code to test your function.
Usually you only need to test if the link to the image is what you expect, you can assume that `badgepaste` works.

context("name of badge") test_that("description of test", { badge <- your_badge_function("badgecreatr") # if you do multiple tests, this might help. expect_match(badge, "\[\!\[rpackages.io rank\]") # here I test all the parts expect_match(badge, "badge/badgecreatr.svg") expect_match(badge, "www.rpackages.io/package/badgecreatr") })

* *Documentation* We use [roxygen](http://r-pkgs.had.co.nz/man.html#roxygen-comments "Hadley Wickham's book about writing packages, page documentation") to document our functions. Minimal requirements are:

1. title
2. description
3. `@param, @family badges, @return (markdown or Rmarkdown), @export (otherwise you can't use it`


' A title


' A description of what this is.

' @param argument describe what this argument does, and defaults to

' @family badges

' @return markdown / Rmarkdown

' @export

badge_yourfunction <- function(argument){ your function details } ```

2. Adding search functions

I don't have any requirements, except a test that shows when it breaks.

3. Adding badge placers

Add a test that shows when this function breaks.

Thank you !

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