Man pages for baggr
Bayesian Aggregate Treatment Effects

baggrBayesian aggregate treatment effects model
baggr_compare(Run and) compare multiple baggr models
baggr-packagebaggr - a package for Bayesian meta-analysis
baggr_plotPlotting method in baggr package
baggr_theme_setSet, get, and replace themes for baggr plots
binary_to_individualGenerate individual-level binary outcome data from an...
chicksChickens: impact of electromagnetic field on calcium ion...
convert_inputsConvert inputs for baggr models
data_spikeSpike & slab example dataset
effect_drawMake predictive draws from baggr model
effect_plotPlot predictive draws from baggr model
fixed_effectsEffects of covariates on outcome in baggr models
forest_plotDraw a forest plot for a baggr model
get_n_samplesExtract number of samples from a baggr object
get_orderSeparate out ordering so we can test directly
group_effectsExtract baggr study effects
is.baggr_cvCheck if something is a baggr_cv object
labbeL'Abbe plot for binary data
loo_compareCompare LOO CV models
loocvLeave one group out cross-validation for 'baggr' models
microcredit7 studies on effect of microcredit supply
microcredit_simplifiedSimplified version of the microcredit dataset.
mint"Mean and interval" function, including other summaries,...
mutau_corCorrelation between mu and tau in a baggr model
plot.baggrPlotting method for baggr outputs
plot.baggr_comparePlot method for baggr_compare models
plot.baggr_cvPlotting method for results of baggr LOO analyses
plot_quantilesplot quantiles
poolingPooling metrics and related statistics for baggr
pp_check.baggrPosterior predictive checks for baggr model
predict.baggrPredict method for baggr objects
predict_mutauPredict function for the mu & tau model
predict_quantilesPredict function for the quantiles model
predict_rubinPredict function for the rubin model
predict_unknownPredict method for model that is unknown or not implemented
prepare_maConvert from individual to summary data in meta-analyses
prepare_priorPrepare prior values for Stan models in baggr
print.baggrS3 print method for objects of class 'baggr' (model fits)
print.baggr_comparePrint method for baggr_compare models
print.baggr_cvPrint baggr cv objects nicely
print.compare_baggr_cvPrint baggr_cv comparisons
print_distOutput a distribution as a string
priorsPrior distributions in baggr
random_effectsExtract random effects from a baggr model
rubin_dataMake model matrix for the rubin data
schools8 schools example
set_prior_valAdd prior values to Stan input for baggr
single_comp_plotPlot single comparison ggplot in 'baggr_compare' style
stop_not_implementedStop with informative error
treatment_effectAverage treatment effect in a baggr model
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