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Chickens: impact of electromagnetic field on calcium ion efflux in chicken brains


An experiment conducted by Blackman et al. (1988) and documented in the following GitHub repository by Vakar and Gelman. The dataset consists of a large number of experiments (tau, se.tau) repeated at varying wave frequencies. Sham experiments (mu, are also included, allowing us to compare performance of models with and without control measurements.




An object of class data.frame with 38 rows and 7 columns.


Blackman, C. F., S. G. Benane, D. J. Elliott, D. E. House, and M. M. Pollock. “Influence of Electromagnetic Fields on the Efflux of Calcium Ions from Brain Tissue in Vitro: A Three-Model Analysis Consistent with the Frequency Response up to 510 Hz.” Bioelectromagnetics 9, no. 3 (1988): 215–27.

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