loo_compare: Compare LOO CV models

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loo_compareR Documentation

Compare LOO CV models


Given multiple loocv outputs, calculate differences in their expected log predictive density.


loo_compare(x, ...)



An object of class baggr_cv or a list of such objects.


Additional objects of class "baggr_cv"

See Also

loocv for fitting LOO CV objects and explanation of the procedure


## Not run: 
# 2 models with more/less informative priors -- this will take a while to run
cv_1 <- loocv(schools, model = "rubin", pooling = "partial")
cv_2 <- loocv(schools, model = "rubin", pooling = "partial",
              prior_hypermean = normal(0, 5), prior_hypersd = cauchy(0,4))
loo_compare(cv_1, cv_2)

## End(Not run)

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