microcredit_simplified: Simplified version of the microcredit dataset.

microcredit_simplifiedR Documentation

Simplified version of the microcredit dataset.


This dataframe contains the data used in Meager (2019) to estimate hierarchical models on the data from 7 randomized controlled trials of expanding access to microcredit.




A data frame with 14224 rows, 7 study identifiers and 1 outcome


The columns include the group indicator which gives the name of the lead author on each of the respective studies, the value of the household consumption spending standardised to USD PPP in 2009 dollars per two weeks (these are flow variables), and finally a treatment assignment status indicator.

The dataset has not otherwise been cleaned and therefore includes NAs and other issues common to real data.

For more information on how and why these variables were chosen and standardised, see Meager (2019) or consult the associated code repository: link

This dataset includes only complete cases and only the consumption outcome variable.


Meager, Rachael (2019) Understanding the average impact of microcredit expansions: A Bayesian hierarchical analysis of seven randomized experiments. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 11(1), 57-91.

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