betapart 1.5.6

Modified function decay.model() to implement the block permutation described in Martínez-Santalla et al 2022 (J. Biogeogr.) for assessing the significance of the distance decay model

betapart 1.5.5

A bug of functional.betapart.core() was fixed to run it in parallel with multi = TRUE

betapart 1.5.4

Updated functional.betapart.core.pairwise() to get vertice coordinates in the output 'details'

betapart 1.5.3

new features

functional.betapart.core() was updated. Options can be passed to qhull to prevent some crashes and a progress bar can be displayed.

When setting multi=TRUE, the function stop earlier if the number of communities is too important.

New fonction to control options passed to qhull for convexhull estimation:

New function to compute rapidly pair-wise dissimilarty matrices:

functional.beta.pair was updated to integrate functional.betapart.core.pairwise

betapart 1.5.2

New features

Updated functional.betapart.core() to allow internal parallel computing

New function to customize parameters for the internal parallel computing :

betapart 1.5.1

New features

Updated functional.betapart.core() to allow parallel computing

betapart 1.5.0

New features

New functions to fit, plot and bootstrap distance-decay patterns

betapart 1.5.0 includes three new functions:

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