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Monochrome Bitmap Font Tools

as_bm_bitmapCoerce to bitmap glyph objects
as_bm_fontCoerce to bitmap font objects
as_bm_listCoerce to bitmap list objects
as.matrix.bm_bitmapCoerce bitmap objects to matrix
bittermelonbittermelon: Monochrome Bitmap Font Tools
bm_bindCombine bitmaps by rows or columns
bm_bitmapBitmap object
bm_callExecute a function call on bitmap objects
bm_clampClamp bitmap integer values.
bm_composeCompose graphemes in a bitmap list by applying combining...
bm_compressCompress bitmaps using a "block elements" scheme
bm_distortResize images via distortion.
bm_editEdit a bitmap via text editor
bm_expandExpand bitmaps by repeating each row and/or column
bm_extendExtend bitmaps on the sides with extra pixels
bm_flipFlip (reflect) bitmaps
bm_fontBitmap font object
bm_lapplyModify bitmap lists
bm_listBitmap list object
bm_maskModify bitmaps via masking with a 'mask' bitmap
bm_outlineCompute "outline" bitmap of a bitmap
bm_overlayMerge bitmaps by overlaying one over another
bm_padAdjust bitmap padding lengths
bm_padding_lengthsCompute bitmap padding lengths
bm_resizeResize bitmaps by trimming and/or extending
bm_rotateRotate bitmaps 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees
bm_shadowBitmap shadow, bold, and glow effects
bm_shiftShift elements within bitmaps
bm_trimTrim bitmaps
combineCombine bitmap objects
Extract.bm_bitmapExtract or replace parts of a bitmap
hex_fontRead and write hex bitmap font files
is_bm_bitmapTest if the object is a bitmap glyph object
is_bm_fontTest if the object is a bitmap font object
is_bm_listTest if the object is a bitmap glyph list object
lengthsWidths or heights of bitmaps
monobitRead and write bitmap font files using monobit
Ops.bm_objectS3 Ops group generic methods for bitmap objects
plot.bm_bitmapPlot bitmap object
print.bm_bitmapPrint bitmap objects
Summary.bm_listmax, min, and range for bitmap objects
unicode_code_pointsGet Unicode code points
unicode_utilitiesOther Unicode utilities
yaff_fontRead and write yaff bitmap font files
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