combine: Combine bitmap objects

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Combine bitmap objects


c() combines bitmap objects into bm_list() or bm_font() objects. In particular when using it to combine fonts the later fonts "update" the glyphs in the earlier fonts.


## S3 method for class 'bm_bitmap'

## S3 method for class 'bm_font'

## S3 method for class 'bm_list'

## S3 method for class 'bm_pixmap'



bm_bitmap(), bm_list(), and/or bm_font() objects to combine.


The various bitmap objects are "reduced" in the following ways:

First Second Result
bm_bitmap() bm_bitmap() bm_list()
bm_bitmap() bm_font() bm_font()
bm_bitmap() bm_list() bm_list()
bm_bitmap() bm_pixmap() bm_list()
bm_pixmap() bm_bitmap() bm_list()
bm_pixmap() bm_font() ERROR
bm_pixmap() bm_list() bm_list()
bm_pixmap() bm_pixmap() bm_list()
bm_font() bm_bitmap() bm_font()
bm_font() bm_font() bm_font()
bm_font() bm_list() bm_font()
bm_font() bm_pixmap() ERROR
bm_list() bm_bitmap() bm_list()
bm_list() bm_font() bm_font()
bm_list() bm_list() bm_list()
bm_list() bm_pixmap() bm_list()

When combining with a bm_font() object if any bm_bitmap() objects share the same name we only keep the last one. Although names are preserved other attributes such as font comments and properties are not guaranteed to be preserved.


Either a bm_list() or bm_font() object. See Details for more info.


font_file <- system.file("fonts/spleen/spleen-8x16.hex.gz", package = "bittermelon")
font <- read_hex(font_file)
capital_r <- font[[str2ucp("R")]]
stats <- as_bm_list("STATS", font = font)
is_bm_list(c(capital_r, capital_r))
rstats <- c(capital_r, stats)
print(bm_call(rstats, cbind))

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