Man pages for blogdown
Create Blogs and Websites with R Markdown

blogdownThe 'blogdown' package
build_dirBuild all Rmd files under a directory
build_siteBuild a website
bundle_siteConvert post files to leaf bundles
check_siteProvide diagnostics for a website project
clean_duplicatesClean duplicated output files
config_netlifyCreate the configuration (file) for Netlify
config_RprofileCreate or modify the '.Rprofile' file for a website project
config_vercelCreate the configuration file for Vercel
dep_pathA helper function to return a dependency path name
edit_draftOpen a list of draft posts
filter_newfileLook for files that have been possibly modified or...
find_hugoFind or remove the Hugo executable
find_yamlFind posts containing the specified metadata
html_pageAn R Markdown output format for 'blogdown' web pages
hugo_cmdRun Hugo commands
hugo_installersAvailable Hugo installers of a version
install_hugoInstall Hugo
install_themeInstall a Hugo theme from Github
read_tomlRead and write TOML data (Tom's Obvious Markup Language)
serve_siteLive preview a site
shortcodeHelper functions to write Hugo shortcodes using the R syntax
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