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The function serve_site() calls servr::httw() to start a web server, watch for changes in the site, rebuild the site if necessary, and refresh the web page automatically by default; stop_server() stops the web server.





Arguments passed to servr::httw() (arguments dir, site.dir, baseurl, and handler have been provided, hence you cannot customize these arguments).


Alternatively, you can set the global option options(blogdown.generator.server = TRUE), and serve_site() will use the web server provided by the static site generator, such as hugo_server(). This requires additional packages processx and later. You may use this option when you primarily work on plain Markdown posts instead of R Markdown posts, because it can be faster to preview Markdown posts using the web server of the static site generator. The web server will always be stopped when the R session is ended, so you may consider restarting your R session if stop_server fails to stop the server for some reason.

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