edge_asymmetry: Calculate an asymmetry index based on edge counts

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Calculate an asymmetry index, a ratio of intra-hemispheric edges in the left to right hemisphere of a graph for brain MRI data.


edge_asymmetry(g, level = c("hemi", "vertex"))



An igraph graph object


Character string indicating whether to calculate asymmetry for each region, or the hemisphere as a whole (default: 'hemi')


The equation is:

A = \frac{E_{lh} - E_{rh}}{0.5 \times (E_{lh} + E_{rh})}

where lh and rh are left and right hemispheres, respectively. The range of this measure is [-2, 2] (although the limits will only be reached if all edges are in one hemisphere), with negative numbers indicating more edges in the right hemisphere, and a value of 0 indicating equal number of edges in each hemisphere.

The level argument specifies whether to calculate asymmetry for each vertex, or for the whole hemisphere.


A data table with edge counts for both hemispheres and the asymmetry index; if level is vertex, the data table will have vcount(g) rows.


Christopher G. Watson, [email protected]

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