vcov.brglmFit: Return the variance-covariance matrix for the regression...

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Return the variance-covariance matrix for the regression parameters in a brglmFit object


## S3 method for class 'brglmFit'
vcov(object, model = c("mean", "full", "dispersion"), complete = TRUE, ...)



a fitted model object, typically. Sometimes also a summary() object of such a fitted model.


character specifying for which component of the model coefficients should be extracted.


for the aov, lm, glm, mlm, and where applicable summary.lm etc methods: logical indicating if the full variance-covariance matrix should be returned also in case of an over-determined system where some coefficients are undefined and coef(.) contains NAs correspondingly. When complete = TRUE, vcov() is compatible with coef() also in this singular case.


additional arguments for method functions. For the glm method this can be used to pass a dispersion parameter.


The options for model are "mean" for mean regression parameters only (default), "dispersion" for the dispersion parameter (or the transformed dispersion; see brglm_control), and "mean" for both the mean regression and the (transformed) dispersion parameters.

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