Man pages for briskaR
Biological Risk Assessment

briskaRLoadInternProjectionLoad an internal working projection PROJ.4
briskaR-packageBiological Risk Assessment
brk_addFDFunctional DATA
brk_cFilterFDFunction used to filter functional data in sf objects.
brk_dispersalCompute dispersal
brk_emissionWrapper function brk_emission
brk_exposureCompute exposure for a 'RasterStack' class object from...
brk_exposureMatchAdd raster value to element of sf object
brk_FDtoDFConvert list.column data.frame into scalar.column data.frame
brk_findIndexFDfind index
brk_newPointsSimulate new points on a specific sf object
brk_rbindLStoDFCombine list of data.frame by Rows
brk_samplingSampling based on distribution provided by Raster* object...
brk_timelineAdd sequence to element of a sf object
brk_toxFunFunctions for Toxicokinetic-Toxidynamic (TKTD) models
create_pollen_sourcesPollen sources emission simulation
data_brkData set included in the package
GetInternProjectionGet the internal working projection PROJ.4
is_square_sfTest if an sf is a square
Landscape-load-sig-classCreate a Landscape object from SIG shapefile file
Landscape-save-tiffSave Particles Dispersion 3D Array to tiff file
loadIndividualsWrapper function loadIndividuals
loadLandscapeWrapper function : loadLandscape
loss_precipitationLoss precipitation function from a set of function...
nlayersA set of function imported from 'raster' package
plotPlot from raster and sp (sf)
rasterToPointsA set of function imported from 'raster' package
setValuesA set of function imported from 'raster' package
simulateIndividualsWrapper function SimulateIndividuals
simulateInitialPartitionsimulateInitialPartition Method
simulateLandscapeSimulate a new landscape
simulateThickMarginsSimulate thick margin to a landscape
simul.precipitationSimulate precipitation between two dates
st_areaCompute geometric measurements
st_geometryGet, set, or replace geometry from an 'sf" object
st_lengthCompute geometric measurements
st_multibufferSimulate thick margin to a landscape
st_nearest_pointsget nearest points between pairs of geometries
st_samplesample points on or in (sets of) spatial features
st_sfCreate sf object
st_squared_geometryAdd squared frame polygon
st_unionunion feature geometries
toxicIntensitytoxicIntendity function wrapping dispersal and exposure
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