Man pages for broom.helpers
Helpers for Model Coefficients Tibbles

dot-clean_backticksRemove backticks around variable names
dot-escape_regexEscapes any characters that would have special meaning in a...
dot-formula_list_to_named_listConvert formula selector to a named list
dot-generic_selectorGenerate a custom selector function
dot-select_to_varnamesVariable selector
model_compute_terms_contributionsCompute a matrix of terms contributions
model_get_assignGet the assign attribute of model matrix of a model
model_get_coefficients_typeGet coefficient type
model_get_contrastsGet contrasts used in the model
model_get_modelGet the model from model objects
model_get_model_frameGet the model frame of a model
model_get_model_matrixGet the model matrix of a model
model_get_nGet the number of observations
model_get_nlevelsGet the number of levels for each factor used in 'xlevels'
model_get_offsetGet model offset
model_get_responseGet model response
model_get_termsGet the terms of a model
model_get_weightsGet sampling weights used by a model
model_get_xlevelsGet xlevels used in the model
model_identify_variablesIdentify for each coefficient of a model the corresponding...
model_list_contrastsList contrasts used by a model
model_list_terms_levelsList levels of categorical terms
model_list_variablesList all the variables used in a model
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
select_helpersSelect helper functions
tidy_add_coefficients_typeAdd coefficients type and label as attributes
tidy_add_contrastsAdd contrasts type for categorical variables
tidy_add_estimate_to_reference_rowsAdd an estimate value to references rows for categorical...
tidy_add_header_rowsAdd header rows variables with several terms
tidy_add_nAdd the (weighted) number of observations
tidy_add_reference_rowsAdd references rows for categorical variables
tidy_add_term_labelsAdd term labels
tidy_add_variable_labelsAdd variable labels
tidy_attach_modelAttach a full model to the tibble of model terms
tidy_disambiguate_termsDisambiguate terms
tidy_identify_variablesIdentify the variable corresponding to each model coefficient
tidy_parametersTidy a model with parameters package
tidy_plus_plusTidy a model and compute additional informations
tidy_remove_interceptRemove intercept(s)
tidy_select_variablesSelect variables to keep/drop
tidy_with_broom_or_parametersTidy a model with broom or parameters
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