tidy.ftable: (Deprecated) Tidy ftable objects

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(Deprecated) Tidy ftable objects


This function is deprecated. Please use tibble::as_tibble() instead.


## S3 method for class 'ftable'
tidy(x, ...)



An ftable object returned from stats::ftable().


Additional arguments. Not used. Needed to match generic signature only. Cautionary note: Misspelled arguments will be absorbed in ..., where they will be ignored. If the misspelled argument has a default value, the default value will be used. For example, if you pass conf.lvel = 0.9, all computation will proceed using conf.level = 0.95. Two exceptions here are:

  • tidy() methods will warn when supplied an exponentiate argument if it will be ignored.

  • augment() methods will warn when supplied a newdata argument if it will be ignored.


An ftable contains a "flat" contingency table. This melts it into a tibble::tibble with one column for each variable, then a Freq column.

See Also

Other deprecated: bootstrap(), confint_tidy(), data.frame_tidiers, finish_glance(), fix_data_frame(), summary_tidiers, tidy.density(), tidy.dist(), tidy.numeric()

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