Man pages for car
Companion to Applied Regression

AnovaAnova Tables for Various Statistical Models
avPlotsAdded-Variable Plots
bcPowerBox-Cox, Box-Cox with Negatives Allowed, Yeo-Johnson and...
BootBootstrapping for regression models
boxCoxGraph the profile log-likelihood for Box-Cox transformations...
boxCoxVariableConstructed Variable for Box-Cox Transformation
BoxplotBoxplots With Point Identification
boxTidwellBox-Tidwell Transformations
briefPrint Abbreviated Ouput
car-defunctDefunct Functions in the car Package
car-deprecatedDeprecated Functions in the car Package
carHexstickerView the Official Hex Sticker for the car Package
car-internalInternal Objects for the 'car' package
carPaletteSet or Retrieve 'car' Package Color Palette
carWebAccess to the R Companion to Applied Regression Website
ceresPlotsCeres Plots
compareCoefsPrint estimated coefficients and their standard errors in a...
ContrastsFunctions to Construct Contrasts
crPlotsComponent+Residual (Partial Residual) Plots
deltaMethodEstimate and Standard Error of a Nonlinear Function of...
densityPlotNonparametric Density Estimates
dfbetaPlotsdfbeta and dfbetas Index Plots
durbinWatsonTestDurbin-Watson Test for Autocorrelated Errors
EllipsesEllipses, Data Ellipses, and Confidence Ellipses
ExportExport a data frame to disk in one of many formats
hccmHeteroscedasticity-Corrected Covariance Matrices
hist.bootMethods Functions to Support 'boot' Objects
ImportImport data from many file formats
infIndexPlotInfluence Index Plot
influence-mixed-modelsInfluence Diagnostics for Mixed-Effects Models
influencePlotRegression Influence Plot
invResPlotInverse Response Plots to Transform the Response
invTranPlotChoose a Predictor Transformation Visually or Numerically
leveneTestLevene's Test
leveragePlotsRegression Leverage Plots
linearHypothesisTest Linear Hypothesis
logitLogit Transformation
marginalModelPlotMarginal Model Plotting
mcPlotsDraw Linear Model Marginal and Conditional Plots in Parallel...
ncvTestScore Test for Non-Constant Error Variance
outlierTestBonferroni Outlier Test
panel.carPanel Function for Coplots
pointLabelLabel placement for points to avoid overlaps
poTestTest for Proportional Odds in the Proportional-Odds...
powerTransformFinding Univariate or Multivariate Power Transformations
PredictModel Predictions
qqPlotQuantile-Comparison Plot
recodeRecode a Variable
regLinePlot Regression Line
residualPlotsResidual Plots for Linear and Generalized Linear Models
SModified Functions for Summarizing Linear, Generalized...
scatter3dThree-Dimensional Scatterplots and Point Identification
scatterplotEnhanced Scatterplots with Marginal Boxplots, Point Marking,...
scatterplotMatrixScatterplot Matrices
ScatterplotSmoothersSmoothers to Draw Lines on Scatterplots
showLabelsFunctions to Identify and Mark Extreme Points in a 2D Plot.
sigmaHatReturn the scale estimate for a regression model
someSample a Few Elements of an Object
spreadLevelPlotSpread-Level Plots
strings2factorsConvert Character-String Variables in a Data Frame to Factors
subsetsPlot Output from regsubsets Function in leaps package
symboxBoxplots for transformations to symmetry
TapplyApply a Function to a Variable Within Factor Levels
testTransformLikelihood-Ratio Tests for Univariate or Multivariate Power...
TransformationAxesAxes for Transformed Variables
vifVariance Inflation Factors
wcrossprodWeighted Matrix Crossproduct
which.namesPosition of Row Names
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