boxCoxVariable: Constructed Variable for Box-Cox Transformation

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Constructed Variable for Box-Cox Transformation


Computes a constructed variable for the Box-Cox transformation of the response variable in a linear model.





response variable.


The constructed variable is defined as y[\log(y/\widetilde{y}) - 1], where \widetilde{y} is the geometric mean of y.

The constructed variable is meant to be added to the right-hand-side of the linear model. The t-test for the coefficient of the constructed variable is an approximate score test for whether a transformation is required.

If b is the coefficient of the constructed variable, then an estimate of the normalizing power transformation based on the score statistic is 1 - b. An added-variable plot for the constructed variable shows leverage and influence on the decision to transform y.


a numeric vector of the same length as y.


John Fox


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See Also

boxcox, powerTransform, bcPower


mod <- lm(interlocks + 1 ~ assets, data=Ornstein)
mod.aux <- update(mod, . ~ . + boxCoxVariable(interlocks + 1))
# avPlots(mod.aux, "boxCoxVariable(interlocks + 1)")

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