cati: Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond

Detect and quantify community assembly processes using trait values of individuals or populations, the T-statistics and other metrics, and dedicated null models.

AuthorAdrien Taudiere, Cyrille Violle with contribution by Francois Munoz
Date of publication2016-03-15 15:10:25
MaintainerAdrien Taudiere <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AbToInd: Internal function. Transform abundance data matrix into...

as.listofindex: Transform index results in a list of index

cati-package: Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond

ComIndex: Computing metrics to test and quantify the non-random...

ComIndexMulti: Computing multitraits metrics to test and quantify the...

CVNND: Coefficient of variation, mean, minimum and standard...

decompCTRE: Variance partitioning for multiple traits

finch.ind: Finch morphological data

Fred: Functional richness, evenness and divergence following...

IndexByGroups: Apply metrics to groups.

MinMaxMST: Ratio of the shortest distance to the longest distance in a...

partvar: Variance partitioning accross nested scales

plotCorTstats: Plot the bivariate relationships between T-statistics

plotDistri: Plot function to represent density of trait values

plot.listofindex: Plot community assembly index

plotRandtest: Plot result of observed indices values against null...

plotSESvar: Plot SES values against a variable

plotSpPop: Plot populations values against species values

plotSpVar: Plot populations values against species values

Pval: Calcul of p-value for object of class Tstats, ComIndex,...

RandCom: Toy model to simulate internal and/or external filtering

RaoRel: Alpha, gamma and beta-components for taxonomic, functional...

samplingSubsetData: Sampling subset of data.

ses: Standardized effect size and confidence interval for a matrix...

ses.listofindex: Standardized effect size for a list of index.

SumBL: Sum of branch length of a classification dendrogram (Petchey...

traitflex.anova: Variance decomposition for a given trait used in decompCTRE

Tstats: Computing observed T-statistics (T for Traits) and null...

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