cati: Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond

Detect and quantify community assembly processes using trait values of individuals or populations, the T-statistics and other metrics, and dedicated null models.

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AuthorAdrien Taudiere, Cyrille Violle with contribution by Francois Munoz
Date of publication2016-03-15 15:10:25
MaintainerAdrien Taudiere <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

AbToInd: Internal function. Transform abundance data matrix into...

as.listofindex: Transform index results in a list of index

cati-package: Community Assembly by Traits: Individuals and Beyond

ComIndex: Computing metrics to test and quantify the non-random...

ComIndexMulti: Computing multitraits metrics to test and quantify the...

CVNND: Coefficient of variation, mean, minimum and standard...

decompCTRE: Variance partitioning for multiple traits

finch.ind: Finch morphological data

Fred: Functional richness, evenness and divergence following...

IndexByGroups: Apply metrics to groups.

MinMaxMST: Ratio of the shortest distance to the longest distance in a...

partvar: Variance partitioning accross nested scales

plotCorTstats: Plot the bivariate relationships between T-statistics

plotDistri: Plot function to represent density of trait values

plot.listofindex: Plot community assembly index

plotRandtest: Plot result of observed indices values against null...

plotSESvar: Plot SES values against a variable

plotSpPop: Plot populations values against species values

plotSpVar: Plot populations values against species values

Pval: Calcul of p-value for object of class Tstats, ComIndex,...

RandCom: Toy model to simulate internal and/or external filtering

RaoRel: Alpha, gamma and beta-components for taxonomic, functional...

samplingSubsetData: Sampling subset of data.

ses: Standardized effect size and confidence interval for a matrix...

ses.listofindex: Standardized effect size for a list of index.

SumBL: Sum of branch length of a classification dendrogram (Petchey...

traitflex.anova: Variance decomposition for a given trait used in decompCTRE

Tstats: Computing observed T-statistics (T for Traits) and null...


AbToInd Man page
as.listofindex Man page
barPartvar Man page
barplot.decompCTRE Man page
barplot.Tstats Man page
cati Man page
cati-package Man page
ComIndex Man page
ComIndexMulti Man page
CVNND Man page
decompCTRE Man page
finch.ind Man page
Fred Man page
IndexByGroups Man page
ind.plot.finch Man page
MinMaxMST Man page
MinNND Man page
MND Man page
MNND Man page
partvar Man page
piePartvar Man page
plot.ComIndex Man page
plot.ComIndexMulti Man page
plotCorTstats Man page
plotDistri Man page
plot.listofindex Man page
plotRandtest Man page
plotSESvar Man page
plotSpPop Man page
plotSpVar Man page
plot.traitflex Man page
plot.Tstats Man page
print.ComIndex Man page
print.ComIndexMulti Man page
print.traitflex Man page
print.Tstats Man page
Pval Man page
RandCom Man page
.Random.seed Man page
RaoRel Man page
samplingSubsetData Man page
SDND Man page
SDNND Man page
ses Man page
ses.listofindex Man page
ses.Tstats Man page
sp.finch Man page
SumBL Man page
summary.ComIndex Man page
summary.ComIndexMulti Man page
summary.Tstats Man page
sum_Tstats Man page
traitflex.anova Man page
traits.finch Man page
Tstats Man page

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