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A data frame used to illustrate the cg package. It has a Paired Samples / Paired Difference layout.




A 17-by-2 data frame from an study of young female anorexia patients. It is a subset of the anorexia data frame included in the MASS package. Out of the three groups there, only the factor level FT group makes up the anorexiaFT data frame. The endpoint is Weight in pounds (lbs), FT represents "Family Therapy" treament, and the paired levels are


Patient weight before treatment


Patient weight after treatment

See anorexia in the MASS package for additional description.


The anorexiaFT data set that comes with the cg package is in groupcolumns format for the
prepareCGPairedDifferenceData call. Each column represents a group, and each row represents an individual patient, or experimental unit. Each observation in a row that spans the two group columns are paired individual response or outcome values.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate effects of multiple treatments on weight as a marker for anorexia, and to compare their relative effectiveness.

See anorexia in the MASS package for references and more details.


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See Also

anorexia, prepareCGPairedDifferenceData



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