Man pages for chemometrics
Multivariate Statistical Analysis in Chemometrics

alradditive logratio transformation
ashash data
cerealData from cereals
chemometricsThis package is the R companion to the book "Introduction to...
clrcentered logratio transformation
clvaliditycompute and plot cluster validity
delinterceptDelete intercept from model matrix
drawMahalDraws ellipses according to Mahalanobis distances
glassglass vessels data
glass.grpglass types of the glass data
hyptisHyptis data set
ilrisometric logratio transformation
knnEvalkNN evaluation by CV
lassocoefPlot Lasso coefficients
lassoCVCV for Lasso regression
lmCVRepeated Cross Validation for lm
MoutlierPlots classical and robust Mahalanobis distances
mvr_dcvRepeated double-cross-validation for PLS and PCR
nipalsPCA calculation with the NIPALS algorithm
nnetEvalNeural network evaluation by CV
PACGC retention indices
pcaCVDetermine the number of PCA components with repeated cross...
pcaDiagplotDiagnostics plot for PCA
pcaVarexplPCA diagnostics for variables
PhenylPhenyl data set
plotcompmvrComponent plot for repeated DCV
plotcompprmComponent plot for repeated DCV of PRM
plotpredmvrPlot predictions from repeated DCV
plotpredprmPlot predictions from repeated DCV of PRM
plotprmPlot results from robust PLS
plotresmvrPlot residuals from repeated DCV
plotresprmPlot residuals from repeated DCV of PRM
plotRidgePlot results of Ridge regression
plotSEPmvrPlot SEP from repeated DCV
plotSEPprmPlot trimmed SEP from repeated DCV of PRM
plotsomPlot SOM results
pls1_nipalsPLS1 by NIPALS
pls2_nipalsPLS2 by NIPALS
pls_eigenEigenvector algorithm for PLS
prmRobust PLS
prm_cvCross-validation for robust PLS
prm_dcvRepeated double-cross-validation for robust PLS
ridgeCVRepeated CV for Ridge regression
RPvectorsGenerating random projection directions
sd_trimTrimmed standard deviation
stepwiseStepwise regression
svmEvalSupport Vector Machine evaluation by CV
treeEvalClassification tree evaluation by CV
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