clinDataReview-common-args-summaryStatsVis: Common arguments for the plotting functions summary...

Description Arguments Value


Common arguments for the plotting functions summary statistics of the clinDataReview package



Character vector with variables of data containing plot nodes. If multiple, they should be specified in hierarchical order (from parent to child node).


Named character vector with labels for vars.

valueVar, valueLab

String with numeric variable of data containing node value, and associated label.


String with type of values in valueVar (branchvalues of the plot_ly) function), among others: 'total' (default, only if sum(child) <= to parent) or 'relative'.


String with variable of data containing hyperlinks with path to the subject-specific report, formatted as:

<a href="./path-to-report">label</a>

If multiple, they should be separated by: ', '.
The report(s) will be:

  • compressed to a zip file and downloaded if the user clicks on the 'p' (a.k.a 'profile') key when hovering on a point of the plot

  • included in a collapsible row, and clickable with hyperlinks in the table


String with label for pathVar, included in the collapsible row in the table.


Logical, if TRUE (FALSE by default) returns also a datatable containing the plot data. (The plot and the table are not linked.)


No return value, used for the documentation of the plotting functions of summary statistics of the package.

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