getDataReferenceLines: Extract data for the reference lines

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This function especially extracts the data if an aesthetic variable is specified in the reference line parameters.


getDataReferenceLines(refLinePars, data, facetPars = NULL)



(optional) Nested list, with parameters for each reference line(s). Each sublist (a.k.a reference line) contains:

  • aesthetic value(s) or variable(s) for the lines (in this case column names of data) for reference lines. The line position is controlled by the aesthetics supported in geom_vline, geom_hline and geom_abline.

  • 'label': (optional) Logical specifying if the line should be annotated (FALSE to not annotate the line) or string with annotation label. By default, the value of the position of the horizontal/vertical line or the equation of the diagonal line is displayed.


Data.frame with data.


List with facetting parameters, passed to the facetting function. Variables should be specified as character or formula. For 'wrap' facetting (facetType is 'wrap'), if the layout is not specified via nrow/ncol, 2 columns are used by default.


List of data for the lines


Laure Cougnaud

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