Man pages for cluster.datasets
Cluster Analysis Data Sets

acidosis.patientsHartigan (1975) Acidosis Patients
airline.distances.1966Hartigan (1975) Airline Distance Between Principal Cities of...
all.mammals.milk.1956Hartigan (1975) Mammal's Milk (1975) City Crime
amino.acid.sequence.1972Hartigan (1975) Amino Acid Sequence for Vertibrates
animal.cluster.treesHartigan (1975) Cluster of Animals Forming a Tree
birth.death.rates.1966Hartigan (1975) Birth and Death Rates Per 1000
british.butterfly.appearanceHartigan (1975) Times of Appearance of British Butterflies
cake.ingredients.1961Hartigan (1975) Ingredients in Cakes
candida.oxidation.fermentationHartigan (1975) Oxidation-Fermentation Patterns
cerci.tail.presenceHartigan (1975) Presence of Cerci in Insects (1975) Connecticut Votes for President
european.foodsHartigan( 1975) European Food
hardware.triadsHartigan (1975) Triads Based on Hardware
hartigan.datasetsHartigan (1975) Data Sets
indian.caste.measuresHartigan (1975) Indian Caste Measurements
indochina.combat.deathsHartigan (1975) Combat Deaths in Indochina
indo.european.languagesHartigan (1975) Indo-European Languages (1975) Ivy League Football 1965
jigsaw.puzzle.measuresHartigan (1975) Jigsaw Puzzle Measurements
languages.spoken.europeHartigan (1975) Languages Spoken in Europe
leukemia.youth.mortality.1956.1967Hartigan (1975) Mortality Rates from Leukemia AMong Children
life.expectancy.1971Hartigan (1975) Expectations of Life by Country, Age and Sex (1975) Expectation of Life in Various Cities by Age...
linguistic.relatednessHartigan (1975) Relatedness Values of Selected Words
mammal.dentitionHartigan (1975) Dentition of Animals
minor.planets.1961Hartigan (1975) Minor Planets
mutation.distances.1967Hartigan (1975) Mutation Distances
nails.screwsHartigan (1975) Nails and Screws (1975) Achievement Test Schores, New Haven Schools (1975) Nutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl
ohio.croplands.1949Hartigan (1975) Ohio Croplands
olympic.track.1896.1964Hartigan (1975) Olympic Track 1896 to 1964
physical.measure.correlationsHartigan (1975) Correlation Between Physical Measuresments (1975) Planets and Moons
planets.moons.1970Hartigan (1975) Planets and Moons
portable.typewritersHartigan (1975) Portable Typewriters (1975) Nutrients in Meat, Fish and Fowl Percent RDA
sample.mammals.milk.1956Hartigan (1975) Mammals Milk
sample.stock.yields.1959.1969Hartigan (1975) Yield of Stocks (1975) City Crime
student.questionnaireHartigan (1975) Student Questionnaire
un.votes.1969.1970Hartigan (1975) Selected Votes in the United Nations (1975) Frequency of Car Repairs
us.civil.war.battlesHartigan (1975) Civil War Battles in Chronological Order
us.congressional.billsHartigan (1975) Congressman b y Bills (1975) Cost and Nutrient Contribution for Selected...
us.links.between.statesHartigan (1975) Links Between States
us.per.capita.income.1964Hartigan (1975) U.S. Per Capita Income in Dollars 1964 (1975) Republican Vote for President
us.sector.profitability.1959.1968Hartigan (1975) Profitability of U.S. Economic Sectors
us.south.demographics.1965Hartigan (1975) Demographic Data for the South
vervet.sleeping.groupsHartigan (1975) Vervet Sleeping Groups
wine.evaluation.1961.1970Hartigan (1975) Evaluation of Wines
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