cmm-package: Categorical Marginal Models

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Quite extensive package for maximum likelihood estimation and weighted least squares estimation of categorical marginal models (CMMs; e.g., Bergsma & Rudas, 2002; Bergsma, Croon and Hagenaars, 2009


Package: cmm
Type: Package
Version: 0.12
Date: 2018-03-11
License: GPL (>= 2)

The package contains principal functions for analyzing marginal models for categorical data. All functions are illustrated using examples from the book Marginal Models for Dependent, Clustered, and Longitudunal Categorical Data (Bergsma, Croon, & Hagenaars, 2009).

The package contains the following functions ConstraintMatrix DesignMatrix DirectSum JoinModels MarginalMatrix MarginalModelFit ModelStatistics SampleStatistics SpecifyCoefficient

The package contains the following data sets Antisemitism BodySatisfaction ClarenceThomas DutchConcern DutchPolitics ErieCounty EVS GSS93 LaborParticipation MarihuanaAlcohol NES NKPS NKPS2 Smoking


Wicher P. Bergsma Maintainer: L. Andries van der Ark


Bergsma, W. P. (1997). Marginal models for categorical data. Tilburg, The Netherlands: Tilburg University Press.

Bergsma, W. P., Croon, M. A., & Hagenaars, J. A. P. (2009). Marginal models for dependent, clustered, and longitudunal categorical data. Berlin: Springer. <DOI: 10.1007/b12532>

Bergsma, W. P.& Rudas T. (2002). Marginal models for categorical data. The Annals of Statistics, 30, 1, 140-159.

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