Man pages for colorSpec
Color Calculations with Emphasis on Spectral Data

ABCStandard Illuminants A, B, and C (1931)
actinometricconvert a colorSpec object to be actinometric
applyspecapply a function to each spectrum in a colorSpec object a colorSpec Object to a data.frame
atmosphereatmospheric transmittance along a horizontal path
bandSpectraCompute Band-based Material Spectra, and Bands for Existing...
bindCombine colorSpec Objects
calibratemake a linear modification to a colorSpec responder
canonicalOptimalColorscompute the Canonical Optimal Colors
chopchop spectra into low and high parts
colorSpecconstructing and testing colorSpec Objects
colorSpec-packagePackage colorSpec - Color Calculations with Emphasis on...
computeADLcompute ADL coordinates by ray tracing
computeCCTCompute Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of Light Spectra
computeCRICompute Color Rendering Index (CRI) of Light Spectra
computeSSICompute the Spectrum Similarity Index of light spectra
convolvewithConvolve each spectrum in a colorSpec object with a kernel
coredataExtract the Core Data of a colorSpec Object
D50Standard Illuminant D50 (1964)
D65Standard Illuminant D65 (1964)
daylightStandard Daylight Components
displayRGBCompute Display RGB from Linear RGB
emulatemodify a colorSpec responder to emulate (approximate) another...
extradataextradata of a colorSpec object
F96T12Photon Irradiance of F96T12 Fluorescent Bulb
Flea2Flea2 Camera FL2-14S3C from Point Grey
FluorescentsStandard series F Illuminants F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8,...
HigherPasserinesCone Fundamentals for the Higher Passerines
Hoyastandard Hoya filters
interpolateinterpolate spectra
invertestimate spectra from responses, effectively inverting the...
lightResponsivitySpectracompute standard light responsivity spectra
lightSpectracompute standard light spectra
linearizelinearize a colorSpec object - to make it ready for...
lms1971Cone Fundamentals - 2-degree (1971)
lms2000Cone Fundamentals - 2-degree (2000)
loggingLogging in colorSpec package
luminsivityLuminous Efficiency Functions (photopic and scotopic)
materialSpectracompute standard material spectra
meancalculate mean of multiple spectra
metadatametadata of a colorSpec object
multiplymultiply a colorSpec object by scalar, vector, or matrix
officialXYZQuery the Official XYZ values for Standard Illuminants
optionsFunctions to set and retrieve colorSpec package options
organizationorganization of a colorSpec object
photometricconvert illuminant spectra to photometric units
plotplot spectra
plotOptimalsPlot Optimal Colors
printConvert colorSpec object to readable text
probeOptimalColorscompute optimal colors by ray tracing
productCompute the product of colorSpec objects
ptransformmake a linear transformation to a colorSpec responder
quantityquantity of a colorSpec object
radiometricconvert a colorSpec object from actinometric to radiometric
readCGATSread tables from files in ANSI/CGATS.17 format
readSpectraread colorSpec objects from files
resampleresample a colorSpec Object to new wavelengths
responsivityMetricsCompute Metrics for a Light Responder (e.g. a camera) or a...
scannerstandard RGB scanners
sectionOptimalColorscompute sections of an optimal color surface by hyperplanes
solar.irradianceStandard Solar Irradiance - Extraterrestrial and Terrestrial
specnamesspecnames of a colorSpec object
standardRGBConvert from XYZ to some standard RGB spaces
subsetextract a subset of a colorSpec Object
theoreticalRGBTheoretical RGB Cameras - BT.709.RGB, Adobe.RGB, and ACES.RGB
wavelengthwavelength vector of a colorSpec object
xyz1931CIE Color Matching Functions - 2-degree (1931)
xyz1964CIE Color Matching Functions - 10-degree (1964)
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