lightResponsivitySpectra: compute standard light responsivity spectra

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Some action spectra standards are defined by simple equations; the erythemal spectrum for human sunburn is one of them.





a vector of wavelengths, in nm


This erythemal spectrum is defined in 4 pieces: λ<=298 , 298<=λ<=328 , 328<=λ<=400 , and 400<λ. All the units are nm. The spectrum is used in the definition of the international standard UV Index.


For erythemalSpectrum()
A colorSpec object with quantity equal to 'power->action'. The responsivity is 0 for λ > 400 nm, so this putting this spectrum in the category of human vision is a bit of a stretch.



McKinlay, A.F., and B.L. Diffey. A reference action spectrum for ultraviolet induced erythema in human skin. CIE Res. Note, 6(1), 17-22. (1987)

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daylight, quantity, materialSpectra, lightSpectra

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