options: Functions to set and retrieve colorSpec package options

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colorSpec has a few options. The options are stored in the R global list and they are:

colorSpec.loglevel, colorSpec.logformat, and colorSpec.stoponerror

For details on what they do see logging.

They can be set using the built-in function options(). When R starts up, an option can be set using a call to options() in the file Rprofile.site. If colorSpec is later loaded, the value of the option will not be changed. If an option has not been assigned, then it is created with a default value.

The function cs.options() makes setting the options a little easier in a few ways:





named arguments are set; unnamed arguments are ignored with a warning. See Examples.


returns a list with all the colorSpec options.

See Also

logging, options


cs.options( loglevel="DEBUG", stop=FALSE )  # 'stop' partially matches 'stoponerror'
cs.options( stop='TRUE' )                   # warns that value has the wrong type
cs.options( stop=FALSE, "DEBUG" )           # warns that the 2nd argument has no name

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