Man pages for colorspace
Color Space Manipulation

choose_paletteGraphical User Interface for Choosing HCL Color Palettes
color-classClass "color"
coordsExtract the numerical coordinates of a color
desaturateDesaturate Colors by Chroma Removal in HCL Space
hexConvert Colors To Hexadecimal Strings
hex2RGBConvert Hexadecimal Color Specifications To RGB Objects
HLSCreate HLS Colors
HSVCreate HSV Colors
LABCreate LAB Colors
LUVCreate LUV Colors
mixcolorCompute the convex combination of two colors
polarLABCreate polarLAB Colors
polarLUVCreate polarLUV Colors
rainbow_hclHCL and HSV Color Palettes
readhexRead Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
readRGBRead RGB Color Descriptions
RGBCreate RGB Colors
specplotColor Spectrum Plot
sRGBCreate sRGB Colors
USSouthPolygonPolygon for County Map of US South States: Alabama, Georgia,...
writehexWrite Hexadecimal Color Descriptions
XYZCreate XYZ Colors
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