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Create HLS Colors


This function creates colors of class HLS; a subclass of the virtual color-class class.


HLS(H, L, S, names)


H, L, S

These arguments give the hue, lightness, and saturation of the colors. The values can be provided in separate H, L and S vectors or in a three-column matrix passed as H.


A vector of names for the colors (by default the row names of H are used).


This function creates colors in an HLS color space. The hues should lie between between 0 and 360, and the lightness and saturations should lie between 0 and 1.

HLS is a relative color space; it is a transformation of an RGB color space. Conversion of HLS colors to any other color space must first involve a conversion to a specific RGB color space, for example the standard sRGB color space (IEC standard 61966).


An object of class HLS which inherits from class color.


Ross Ihaka

See Also

sRGB, RGB, XYZ, LAB, polarLAB, LUV, polarLUV.


# A rainbow of full-intensity hues
HLS(seq(0, 360, length.out = 13)[-13], 0.5, 1)

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