compositions: Compositional Data Analysis

The package provides functions for the consistent analysis of compositional data (e.g. portions of substances) and positive numbers (e.g. concentrations) in the way proposed by Aitchison and Pawlowsky-Glahn.

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AuthorK. Gerald van den Boogaart <>, Raimon Tolosana, Matevz Bren
Date of publication2014-06-07 21:11:09
MaintainerK. Gerald van den Boogaart <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

acomp: Aitchison compositions

acomparith: Power transform in the simplex

acompmargin: Marginal compositions in Aitchison Compositions

Activity10: Activity patterns of a statistician for 20 days

Activity31: Activity patterns of a statistician for 20 days

alr: Additive log ratio transform

AnimalVegetation: Animal and vegetation measurement

aplus: Amounts analysed in log-scale

aplusarithm: vectorial arithmetic for data sets with aplus class

apt: Additive planar transform

ArcticLake: Artic lake sediment samples of different water depth

arrows3d: arrows in 3D, based on package rgl

asdataframe: Convert "compositions" classes to data frames

axis3d: Drawing a 3D coordiante system to a plot, based on package...

balancebase: Compute balances for a compositional dataset.

barplot: Bar charts of amounts

Bayesite: Permeabilities of bayesite

binary: Treating binary and g-adic numbers

biplot3d: Three-dimensional biplots, based on package rgl

Blood23: Blood samples

Boxite: Compositions and depth of 25 specimens of boxite

boxplot: Displaying compositions and amounts with box-plots

ccomp: Count compositions

ccompgof: Compositional Goodness of fit test

cdt: Centered default transform

ClamEast: Color-size compositions of 20 clam colonies from East Bay

ClamWest: Color-size compositions of 20 clam colonies from West Bay

clo: Closure of a composition

clr: Centered log ratio transform

clr2ilr: Convert between clr and ilr, and between cpt and ipt.

clusterfinder: Heuristics to find subpopulations of outliers

codadendrogram: Dendrogram representation of acomp or rcomp objects

coloredbiplot: A biplot providing somewhat easier access to details of the...

colorsforoutliers: Create a color/char palette or for groups of outliers

CompLinModCo: Compositional Linear Model of Coregionalisation

compmiss: The policy of treatment of missing values in the...

compOKriging: Compositional Ordinary Kriging

compositions: library(compositions)

ConfRadius: Helper to compute confidence ellipsoids

cor: Correlations of amounts and compositions

Coxite: Compositions, depths and porosities of 25 specimens of coxite

cpt: Centered planar transform

DiagnosticProb: Diagnostic probabilities

dist: Distances in variouse approaches

ellipses: Draw ellipses

endmemberCoordinates: Recast amounts as mixtures of end-members

Firework: Firework mixtures

fitdirichlet: Fitting a Dirichlet distribution

fitsamemean: Fit Same Mean Different Variance Model

gausstest: Classical Gauss Test

geometricmean: The geometric mean

getdetectionlimit: Gets the detection limit stored in the data set

Glacial: Compositions and total pebble counts of 92 glacial tills

goftests: Compositional Goodness of fit test

groupparts: Group amounts of parts

gsiadd: Internal functions: Parallel operations of single and...

gsiaddclass: Internal function: give a derived subclass to an object

gsicall: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsiclosespread: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsicoorinfo: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsicsum: Internal function: row and column sums of matrices

gsidiagExtract: Internal functions: Get the diagonal of a matrix

gsidiagGenerate: Internal functions: Generate a diagonal matrix

gsidrop: Internal functions: A conditional drop

gsieps: Internal variable: Negligible differences

gsieq: Internal function: Checking equality of IEEE special numbers

gsiexpandrcomp: Internal function: Scaling rcomp

gsifiltercall: Calling from a function with the own parameters

gsigetbalstruct: An auxiliary functions to compute user-defined ilr and ipt...

gsigetD: Interal function: Get number of samples and number of parts...

gsiinternal: Environment containing the old gsi functions

gsiinvperm: Internal function: Invert a permutation

gsiisSingleRow: Internal function: Can something be considered as a single...

gsimap01: Internal functions: Storing integers as reals

gsimargin: Internal function: Compute a desired compositional margin

gsimerge2signary: Auxiliary functions to compute user-defined ilr and ipt...

gsipairrelativeMatrix: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsipairs: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsiplain: Internal function: Convert to plain vector or matrix

gsiplotmargin: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsiPrinBal: The canonical basis in the clr plane used for ilr and ipt...

gsirecode: Internal function: Recode missings with IEEE number and vice...

gsireset3d: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsisimshape: Internal function: Reshape an object to the shape type of...

gsispreadToIsoSpace: Internal functions of the compositions package

gsisvdsolve: Internal function: Solves singular and non square equation...

gsitextpanel: Internal function: A panel displaying a label only

gsivarwithlosts: Internal function: computes variance of compositional data...

Hongite: Compositions of 25 specimens of hongite

HotellingsTsq: Hotellings T square distribution

HouseholdExp: Household Expenditures

Hydrochem: Hydrochemical composition data set of Llobregat river basin...

idt: Isometric default transform

iit: Isometric identity transform

ilr: Isometric log ratio transform

ilrBase: The canonical basis in the clr plane used for ilr and ipt...

ilt: Isometric log transform

ipt: Isometric planar transform

isAcomp: Check for compositional data type

ismahalanobisoutlier: Checking for outliers

isoportion: Isoportion- and Isoproportion-lines

jura: The jura dataset

kingtetrahedron: Ploting composition into rotable tetrahedron

Kongite: Compositions of 25 specimens of kongite

lines: Draws connected lines from point to point.

logratioVariogram: Empirical variograms for compositions

lrvgram: vgram2lrvgram

mahalanobisdist: Compute Mahalanobis distances based von robust Estimations

matmult: inner product for matrices and vectors

matmultacomp: inner product for datasets with a vector space structure

meanAcomp: Mean amounts and mean compositions

meanrow: The arithmetic mean of rows or columns

Metabolites: Steroid metabolite patterns in adults and children

missingProjector: Returns a projector the the observed space in case of...

missingsummary: Classify and summarize missing values in a dataset

mix2compositions: Transformations from 'mixtures' to 'compositions' classes

mixRead: Reads a data file in a mixR format

mvar: Metric summary statistics of real, amount or compositional...

names: The names of the parts

norm: Vector space norm

normalize: Normalize vectors to norm 1

oneOrDataset: Treating single compositions as one-row datasets

outlierclassifier: Detect and classify compositional outliers.

outlierplot: Plot various graphics to analyse outliers.

outliers: Analysing outliers in compositions.

pairwisePlot: Creates a paneled plot like pairs for two different datasets.

parametricMat: Unique parametrisations for matrices.

perturbe: Perturbation of compositions

plot: Ternary diagrams

plot3d: plot in 3D based on rgl

plot3dacomp: 3D-plot of compositional data

plot3daplus: 3D-plot of positive data

plot3drmult: plot in 3D based on rgl

plot3drplus: plot in 3D based on rgl

plotlogratioVariogram: Empirical variograms for compositions

plotmissingsummary: Plot a Missing Summary

plotpos: Displaying amounts in scatterplots

PogoJump: Honk Kong Pogo-Jumps Championship

powerofmatrix: power transform of a matrix

princompacomp: Principal component analysis for Aitchison compositions

princompaplus: Principal component analysis for amounts in log geometry

princomprcomp: Principal component analysis for real compositions

princomprmult: Principal component analysis for real data

princomprplus: Principal component analysis for real amounts

print: Printing compositional data.

pwlrPlot: Plots of pairwise logratio against a covariable.

qqnorm: Normal quantile plots for compositions and amounts

R2: R square

raitchison: Aitchison Distribution

ratioLoadings: Loadings of relations of two amounts

rcomp: Compositions as elements of the simplex embedded in the...

rcomparithm: Arithmetic operations for compositions in a real geometry

rcompmargin: Marginal compositions in real geometry

rDirichlet: Dirichlet distribution

readgeoeas: Reads a data file in a geoeas format

replot: Modify parameters of compositional plots.

rlnorm: The multivariate lognormal distribution

rmahalanobis: Compute distributions of empirical Mahalanobis distances...

rmult: Simple treatment of real vectors

rmultarithm: vectorial arithmetic for datasets in a classical vector scale

rmultmatmult: inner product for datasets with vector scale

rnorm: Normal distributions on special spaces

robustness: Handling robustness issues and outliers in compositions.

rplus: Amounts i.e. positive numbers analysed as objects of the real...

rplusarithm: vectorial arithmetic for data sets with rplus class

rpois: Simulate count compositions without overdispersion

runif: The uniform distribution on the simplex

scalar: Parallel scalar products

scale: Normalizing datasets by centering and scaling

Sediments: Proportions of sand, silt and clay in sediments specimens

segments: Draws straight lines from point to point.

SerumProtein: Serum Protein compositions of blood samples

ShiftOperators: Shifts of machine operators

simplemissingplot: Ternary diagrams

SimulatedAmounts: Simulated amount datasets

simulatemissing: Artifical simulation of various kinds of missings/polluted...

Skulls: Measurement of skulls

SkyeAFM: AFM compositions of 23 aphyric Skye lavas

split: Splitting datasets in groups given by factors

straight: Draws straight lines.

summaryAcomp: Summarizing a compositional dataset in terms of ratios

summaryAplus: Summaries of amounts

summaryRcomp: Summary of compositions in real geometry

sumprojector: Compute the global projector to the observed subspace.

Supervisor: Proportions of supervisor's statements assigned to different...

ternaryAxis: Axis for ternary diagrams

tests: Compositional Goodness of fit test

totals: Total sum of amounts

tryDebugger: Empirical variograms for compositions

ult: Uncentered log transform

varAcomp: Variances and covariances of amounts and compositions

variation: Variation matrices of amounts and compositions

variograms: Variogram functions

varmlm: Residual variance of a model

vcovAcomp: Variance covariance matrix of parameters in compositional...

vgmFit: Compositional variogram model fitting

WhiteCells: White-cell composition of 30 blood samples by two different...

Yatquat: Yatquat fruit evaluation

zeroreplace: Zero-replacement routine


\%*\% Man page
acomp Man page
-.acomp Man page
/.acomp Man page
*.acomp Man page
\%*\%.acomp Man page
+.acomp Man page
acompGOF.test Man page
acompGOF.test.formula Man page
acompGOF.test.list Man page
acompmargin Man page
acompNormalGOF.test Man page
acompNormalLocation.test Man page
acompTwoSampleGOF.test Man page
Activity10 Man page
Activity31 Man page
AitchisonDistributionIntegrals Man page
alr Man page
alrInv Man page
AnimalVegetation Man page
aplus Man page
-.aplus Man page
/.aplus Man page
*.aplus Man page
\%*\%.aplus Man page
+.aplus Man page
apt Man page
aptInv Man page
ArcticLake Man page
arrows3D Man page
arrows3D.default Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
as.missingSummary Man page
axis3D Man page
balance Man page
balance01 Man page
balance01.acomp Man page
balance01.rcomp Man page
balance.acomp Man page
balance.aplus Man page
balanceBase Man page
balanceBase.acomp Man page
balanceBase.aplus Man page
balanceBase.rcomp Man page
balanceBase.rplus Man page
balance.rcomp Man page
balance.rplus Man page
barplot.acomp Man page
barplot.aplus Man page
barplot.ccomp Man page
barplot.rcomp Man page
barplot.rplus Man page
Bayesite Man page
BDL Man page
BDLvalue Man page
binary Man page
binary2logical Man page
biplot3D Man page
biplot3D.default Man page
biplot3D.princomp Man page
bit Man page
bit<- Man page
bit<-.character Man page
bit.character Man page
bitCount Man page
bit<-.numeric Man page
bit.numeric Man page
Blood23 Man page
Boxite Man page
boxplot.acomp Man page
boxplot.aplus Man page
boxplot.rcomp Man page
boxplot.rplus Man page
ccomp Man page
ccompMultinomialGOF.test Man page
ccompPoissonGOF.test Man page
cdt Man page
cdt.acomp Man page
cdt.aplus Man page
cdt.ccomp Man page
cdt.default Man page
cdt.factor Man page
cdtInv Man page
cdtInv.acomp Man page
cdtInv.aplus Man page
cdtInv.ccomp Man page
cdtInv.default Man page
cdtInv.rcomp Man page
cdtInv.rmult Man page
cdtInv.rplus Man page
cdt.rcomp Man page
cdt.rmult Man page
cdt.rplus Man page
cgram2vgram Man page
ClamEast Man page
ClamWest Man page
clo Man page
clr Man page
clr2ilr Man page
clrInv Man page
clrvar2ilr Man page
ClusterFinder1 Man page
ClusterFinder1.acomp Man page
CoDaDendrogram Man page
coloredBiplot Man page
coloredBiplot.default Man page
coloredBiplot.prcomp Man page
coloredBiplot.princomp Man page
colorsForOutliers1 Man page
colorsForOutliers2 Man page
CompLinModCoReg Man page
compOKriging Man page
composition.missing Man page
composition.missings Man page
compositions Man page
compositions.missing Man page
compositions.missings Man page
compositions-package Man page
ConfRadius Man page
convex.rcomp Man page
cor Man page
cor.acomp Man page
cor.aplus Man page
cor.default Man page
cor.rcomp Man page
cor.rmult Man page
cor.rplus Man page
cov Man page
cov.acomp Man page
cov.aplus Man page
cov.default Man page
cov.rcomp Man page
cov.rmult Man page
cov.rplus Man page
Coxite Man page
cpt Man page
cptInv Man page
dAitchison Man page
Data01 Man page
Data02 Man page
Data03 Man page
Data04 Man page
Data05 Man page
Data06 Man page
Data07 Man page
DATA08 Man page
Data09 Man page
DATA10 Man page
Data11 Man page
Data12 Man page
Data13 Man page
Data14 Man page
Data15 Man page
Data16 Man page
Data17 Man page
DATA18 Man page
Data19 Man page
Data20 Man page
Data21 Man page
Data22 Man page
Data23 Man page
Data24 Man page
Data25 Man page
DATA31 Man page
\%*\%.default Man page
DiagnosticProb Man page
dist Man page
dist.default Man page
dlnorm.rplus Man page
dnorm.acomp Man page
dnorm.aplus Man page
dnorm.rmult Man page
ellipses Man page
ellipses.acomp Man page
ellipses.aplus Man page
ellipses.rcomp Man page
ellipses.rmult Man page
ellipses.rplus Man page
endmemberCoordinates Man page
endmemberCoordinates.acomp Man page
endmemberCoordinates.aplus Man page
endmemberCoordinates.default Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv.acomp Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv.aplus Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv.rcomp Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv.rmult Man page
endmemberCoordinatesInv.rplus Man page
endmemberCoordinates.rplus Man page
Firework Man page
fitDirichlet Man page
fitSameMeanDifferentVarianceModel Man page
gadic Man page
Gauss.test Man page
geometricmean Man page
geometricmeanCol Man page
geometricmeanRow Man page
getDetectionlimit Man page
Glacial Man page
groupparts Man page
groupparts.acomp Man page
groupparts.aplus Man page
groupparts.ccomp Man page
groupparts.rcomp Man page
groupparts.rplus Man page
gsi Man page
gsi2.invperm Man page
gsi.acompUniformityGOF.test Man page
gsi.add Man page
gsi.add2pairs Man page
gsi.addclass Man page
gsi.addCoorInfo Man page
gsi.buildilrBase Man page Man page
gsi.cleanR Man page
gsi.closespread Man page
gsi.coorInfo Man page
gsi.csum Man page
gsi.diagExtract Man page
gsi.diagGenerate Man page
gsi.div Man page
gsi.drop Man page
gsi.eps Man page
gsi.eq Man page
gsi.expandrcomp Man page
gsi.filtercall Man page
gsi.geometricmean Man page
gsi.geometricmeanCol Man page
gsi.geometricmean.Col Man page
gsi.geometricmeanRow Man page
gsi.geometricmean.Row Man page
gsi.getBalStruct Man page
gsi.getCoorInfo Man page
gsi.getD Man page
gsi.getN Man page
gsi.ilrBase Man page
gsi.ilrBase2signary Man page
gsi.isSingleRow Man page
gsi.mapfrom01 Man page
gsi.mapin01 Man page
gsi.mapmax Man page
gsi.mapmin Man page
gsi.margin Man page
gsi.margin.acomp Man page
gsi.margin.aplus Man page
gsi.margin.rcomp Man page
gsi.margin.rplus Man page
gsi.merge2signary Man page
gsi.mul Man page
gsi.optimalilrBase Man page
gsi.OrderIlr Man page
gsi.orSum Man page
gsi.pairrelativeMatrix Man page
gsi.pairs Man page
gsi.plain Man page
gsi.plotmargin Man page
gsi.plots Man page
gsi.PrinBal Man page
gsi.pStore Man page
gsi.recodeC2M Man page
gsi.recodeM2C Man page
gsi.recodeM2Clean Man page
gsi.reset3D Man page
gsi.rsum Man page
gsi.setCoorInfo Man page
gsi.signary2ilrBase Man page
gsi.simshape Man page
gsi.spreadToIsoSpace Man page
gsi.sub Man page
gsi.svdsolve Man page
gsi.textpanel Man page
gsi.varwithlosts Man page
has.missings Man page
has.missings.default Man page
has.missings.rmult Man page
HEMF Man page
Hongite Man page
HouseholdExp Man page
Hydrochem Man page
idt Man page
idt.acomp Man page
idt.aplus Man page
idt.ccomp Man page
idt.default Man page
idt.factor Man page
idtInv Man page
idtInv.acomp Man page
idtInv.aplus Man page
idtInv.ccomp Man page
idtInv.default Man page
idtInv.rcomp Man page
idtInv.rmult Man page
idtInv.rplus Man page
idt.rcomp Man page
idt.rmult Man page
idt.rplus Man page
iit Man page
iitInv Man page
ilr Man page
ilr2clr Man page
ilrBase Man page
ilrBaseList Man page
ilrInv Man page
ilrvar2clr Man page
ilt Man page
iltInv Man page
ipt Man page
iptInv Man page
is.acomp Man page
is.aplus Man page
is.BDL Man page
is.ccomp Man page
IsMahalanobisOutlier Man page
is.MAR Man page
is.MNAR Man page
is.MNV Man page
is.NMV Man page
isoPortionLines Man page
isoPortionLines.acomp Man page
isoPortionLines.rcomp Man page
isoProportionLines Man page
isoProportionLines.acomp Man page
isoProportionLines.rcomp Man page
is.rcomp Man page
is.rmult Man page
is.rplus Man page
is.SZ Man page
is.WMNAR Man page
is.WZERO Man page
jura259 Man page
juraset Man page
Kappa Man page
kingTetrahedron Man page
Kongite Man page
lines.acomp Man page
lines.aplus Man page
lines.rcomp Man page
lines.rmult Man page
lines.rplus Man page
logratioVariogram Man page
MahalanobisDist Man page
MahalanobisDist.acomp Man page
MahalanobisDist.aplus Man page
MahalanobisDist.rcomp Man page
MahalanobisDist.rmult Man page
MahalanobisDist.rplus Man page
MAR Man page
MARvalue Man page
maxBit Man page
maxBit.character Man page
maxBit.numeric Man page
mcor Man page
mcor.default Man page
mcov Man page
mcov.default Man page
mean.acomp Man page
mean.aplus Man page
mean.ccomp Man page
mean.col Man page
meanCol Man page
mean.rcomp Man page
mean.rmult Man page
mean.row Man page
meanRow Man page
mean.rplus Man page
Metabolites Man page
missingProjector Man page
missingProjector.acomp Man page
missingProjector.aplus Man page
missingProjector.rcomp Man page
missingProjector.rmult Man page
missingProjector.rplus Man page
missings Man page
missingsInCompositions Man page
missingSummary Man page
missingType Man page
mix.2acomp Man page
mix.2aplus Man page
mix.2rcomp Man page
mix.2rmult Man page
mix.2rplus Man page
mix.Read Man page
MNAR Man page
MNARvalue Man page
msd Man page
msd.default Man page
mul.rplus Man page
mvar Man page
mvar.default Man page
names<-.acomp Man page
names.acomp Man page
names<-.aplus Man page
names.aplus Man page
names<-.ccomp Man page
names.ccomp Man page
names<-.rcomp Man page
names.rcomp Man page
names<-.rmult Man page
names.rmult Man page
names<-.rplus Man page
names.rplus Man page
NMV Man page
noreplot Man page
norm Man page
norm.acomp Man page
normalize Man page
normalize.default Man page
norm.aplus Man page
norm.default Man page
norm.rcomp Man page
norm.rmult Man page
norm.rplus Man page
observeWithAdditiveError Man page
observeWithDetectionlimit Man page
observeWithDetectionLimit Man page
oneOrDataset Man page
OutlierClassifier1 Man page
OutlierClassifier1.acomp Man page
outlierplot Man page
outlierplot.acomp Man page
outliersInCompositions Man page
pairwisePlot Man page
pairwisePlot.default Man page
parameterPosdefClrMat Man page
parameterPosdefMat Man page
parameterRank1ClrMat Man page
parameterRank1Mat Man page
parametricPosdefClrMat Man page
parametricPosdefMat Man page
parametricRank1ClrMat Man page
parametricRank1Mat Man page
pchForOutliers1 Man page
pEmpiricalMahalanobis Man page
perturbe Man page
perturbe.aplus Man page
pHotellingsTsq Man page
plot3D Man page
plot3D.acomp Man page
plot3D.aplus Man page
plot3D.default Man page
plot3D.rcomp Man page
plot3D.rmult Man page
plot3D.rplus Man page
plot.acomp Man page
plot.aplus Man page
plot.ccomp Man page
plot.logratioVariogram Man page
plot.missingSummary Man page
plot.princomp.acomp Man page
plot.princomp.aplus Man page
plot.princomp.rcomp Man page
plot.princomp.rplus Man page
plot.rcomp Man page
plot.relativeLoadings.princomp.acomp Man page
plot.relativeLoadings.princomp.aplus Man page
plot.relativeLoadings.princomp.rcomp Man page
plot.relativeLoadings.princomp.rplus Man page
plot.rmult Man page
plot.rplus Man page
pMaxMahalanobis Man page
PogoJump Man page
PoissonGOF.test Man page
power.acomp Man page
power.aplus Man page
powerofpsdmatrix Man page
pPortionMahalanobis Man page
pQuantileMahalanobis Man page
predict.princomp.acomp Man page
predict.princomp.aplus Man page
predict.princomp.rcomp Man page
predict.princomp.rplus Man page
princomp.acomp Man page
princomp.aplus Man page
princomp.rcomp Man page
princomp.rmult Man page
princomp.rplus Man page
print.acomp Man page
print.aplus Man page
print.princomp.acomp Man page
print.princomp.aplus Man page
print.princomp.rcomp Man page
print.princomp.rplus Man page
print.rcomp Man page
print.relativeLoadings.princomp.acomp Man page
print.relativeLoadings.princomp.aplus Man page
print.relativeLoadings.princomp.rcomp Man page
print.relativeLoadings.princomp.rplus Man page
print.rmult Man page
print.rplus Man page
pwlrplot Man page
pwlrPlot Man page
qEmpiricalMahalanobis Man page
qHotellingsTsq Man page
qMaxMahalanobis Man page
qPortionMahalanobis Man page
qqnorm.acomp Man page
qqnorm.aplus Man page
qqnorm.rcomp Man page
qqnorm.rplus Man page
R2 Man page
R2.default Man page
R2.lm Man page
rAitchison Man page
rcomp Man page
-.rcomp Man page
/.rcomp Man page
*.rcomp Man page
+.rcomp Man page
rcompmargin Man page
rDirichlet Man page
rDirichlet.acomp Man page
rDirichlet.rcomp Man page
read.geoeas Man page
read.geoEAS Man page
relativeLoadings Man page
relativeLoadings.princomp.acomp Man page
relativeLoadings.princomp.aplus Man page
relativeLoadings.princomp.rcomp Man page
relativeLoadings.princomp.rplus Man page
rEmpiricalMahalanobis Man page
replot Man page
replotable Man page
rlnorm.rplus Man page
rMaxMahalanobis Man page
rmult Man page
-.rmult Man page
/.rmult Man page
*.rmult Man page
\%*\%.rmult Man page
+.rmult Man page
rmultinom.ccomp Man page
rnorm.acomp Man page
rnorm.aplus Man page
rnorm.ccomp Man page
rnorm.rcomp Man page
rnorm.rmult Man page
rnorm.rplus Man page
robust Man page
robustnessInCompositions Man page
rplus Man page
-.rplus Man page
/.rplus Man page
*.rplus Man page
+.rplus Man page
rpois.ccomp Man page
rPortionMahalanobis Man page
Rsquare Man page
runif.acomp Man page
runif.rcomp Man page
sa.dirichlet Man page
sa.dirichlet5 Man page
sa.dirichlet5.dil Man page
sa.dirichlet5.mix Man page
sa.dirichlet.dil Man page
sa.dirichlet.mix Man page
sa.groups Man page
sa.groups5 Man page
sa.groups5.area Man page
sa.groups5.dil Man page
sa.groups5.mix Man page
sa.groups.area Man page
sa.groups.dil Man page
sa.groups.mix Man page
sa.lognormals Man page
sa.lognormals5 Man page
sa.lognormals5.dil Man page
sa.lognormals5.mix Man page
sa.lognormals.dil Man page
sa.lognormals.mix Man page
sa.missings Man page
sa.missings5 Man page
sa.outliers1 Man page
sa.outliers2 Man page
sa.outliers3 Man page
sa.outliers4 Man page
sa.outliers5 Man page
sa.outliers6 Man page
sa.tnormals Man page
sa.tnormals5 Man page
sa.tnormals5.dil Man page
sa.tnormals5.mix Man page
sa.tnormals.dil Man page
sa.tnormals.mix Man page
sa.uniform Man page
sa.uniform5 Man page
sa.uniform5.dil Man page
sa.uniform5.mix Man page
sa.uniform.dil Man page
sa.uniform.mix Man page
scalar Man page
scalar.default Man page
scale Man page
scale.acomp Man page
scale.aplus Man page
scale.default Man page
scale.rcomp Man page
scale.rmult Man page
scale.rplus Man page
Sediments Man page
segments.acomp Man page
segments.aplus Man page
segments.rcomp Man page
segments.rmult Man page
segments.rplus Man page
SerumProtein Man page
ShiftOperators Man page
simpleMissingSubplot Man page
SimulatedAmounts Man page
simulateMissings Man page
Skulls Man page
SkyeAFM Man page
split.acomp Man page
split.aplus Man page
split.ccomp Man page
split.rcomp Man page
split.rmult Man page
split.rplus Man page
straight Man page
straight.acomp Man page
straight.aplus Man page
straight.rcomp Man page
straight.rmult Man page
straight.rplus Man page
summary.acomp Man page
summary.aplus Man page
summary.rcomp Man page
summary.rmult Man page
summary.rplus Man page
sumMissingProjector Man page
sumMissingProjector.acomp Man page
sumMissingProjector.aplus Man page
sumMissingProjector.rcomp Man page
sumMissingProjector.rmult Man page
sumMissingProjector.rplus Man page
Supervisor Man page
SZ Man page
SZvalue Man page
ternaryAxis Man page
totals Man page
totals.acomp Man page
totals.aplus Man page
totals.ccomp Man page
totals.rcomp Man page
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tryDebugger Man page
uciptInv Man page
ult Man page
ultInv Man page
unbinary Man page
var Man page
var.acomp Man page
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var.default Man page
variation Man page
variation.acomp Man page
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variation.default Man page
variation.rcomp Man page
variation.rmult Man page
variation.rplus Man page
var.lm Man page
var.mlm Man page
var.rcomp Man page
var.rmult Man page
var.rplus Man page
vcovAcomp Man page
vgmFit Man page
vgmFit2lrv Man page
vgmGetParameters Man page
vgmGof Man page
vgmSetParameters Man page
vgram2lrvgram Man page
vgram.exp Man page
vgram.gauss Man page
vgram.lin Man page
vgram.nugget Man page
vgram.pow Man page
vgram.sph Man page
vp.boxplot Man page
vp.logboxplot Man page
vp.qqnorm Man page
whichBits Man page
WhiteCells Man page
Yatquat Man page
zeroreplace Man page


tests/missings.R tests/RobustTest.R
tests/TestMissing.R tests/CheckGeometry.R tests/AitchisonTest.R tests/acheck.R tests/geostat.R
R/codadendrogram.R R/and.R R/ctests.R R/Geostat.R R/3d.R R/binary.R R/mix2comp.R R/PrincipalBalances.R R/compreg.R R/FunctionOutliers.R R/robust.R R/OldStuff.R R/zzz.R R/zerotreatment.R R/compositions.R
man/Glacial.Rd man/isAcomp.Rd man/ArcticLake.Rd man/gsiaddclass.Rd man/arrows3d.Rd man/ismahalanobisoutlier.Rd man/rlnorm.Rd man/mixRead.Rd man/gsigetD.Rd man/plot3daplus.Rd man/ipt.Rd man/plot3d.Rd man/gsigetbalstruct.Rd man/ilt.Rd man/scale.Rd man/princomprmult.Rd man/axis3d.Rd man/matmultacomp.Rd man/gsivarwithlosts.Rd man/norm.Rd man/groupparts.Rd man/simplemissingplot.Rd man/clr2ilr.Rd man/rmultarithm.Rd man/Sediments.Rd man/names.Rd man/simulatemissing.Rd man/gsisvdsolve.Rd man/rnorm.Rd man/summaryAplus.Rd man/rplusarithm.Rd man/sumprojector.Rd man/balancebase.Rd man/idt.Rd man/rmult.Rd man/gsimargin.Rd man/acompmargin.Rd man/HotellingsTsq.Rd man/gsiexpandrcomp.Rd man/asdataframe.Rd man/acomparith.Rd man/ClamWest.Rd man/codadendrogram.Rd man/SimulatedAmounts.Rd man/rcompmargin.Rd man/Activity31.Rd man/apt.Rd man/barplot.Rd man/alr.Rd man/princomprplus.Rd man/PogoJump.Rd man/SkyeAFM.Rd man/gsiPrinBal.Rd man/readgeoeas.Rd man/gausstest.Rd man/Yatquat.Rd man/Blood23.Rd man/fitdirichlet.Rd man/clusterfinder.Rd man/outlierclassifier.Rd man/cor.Rd man/gsimerge2signary.Rd man/Firework.Rd man/pwlrPlot.Rd man/clr.Rd man/gsimap01.Rd man/lrvgram.Rd man/summaryAcomp.Rd man/raitchison.Rd man/tests.Rd man/compositions.Rd man/vcovAcomp.Rd man/plotlogratioVariogram.Rd man/colorsforoutliers.Rd man/meanrow.Rd man/replot.Rd man/compOKriging.Rd man/ilr.Rd man/gsiinvperm.Rd man/gsieps.Rd man/split.Rd man/ult.Rd man/Metabolites.Rd man/outlierplot.Rd man/gsidrop.Rd man/cpt.Rd man/R2.Rd man/iit.Rd man/gsiplotmargin.Rd man/powerofmatrix.Rd man/gsicall.Rd man/gsipairrelativeMatrix.Rd man/Skulls.Rd man/geometricmean.Rd man/mix2compositions.Rd man/Coxite.Rd man/pairwisePlot.Rd man/goftests.Rd man/lines.Rd man/jura.Rd man/robustness.Rd man/gsipairs.Rd man/matmult.Rd man/straight.Rd man/Kongite.Rd man/rcomp.Rd man/qqnorm.Rd man/fitsamemean.Rd man/ClamEast.Rd man/gsisimshape.Rd man/AnimalVegetation.Rd man/plot3drplus.Rd man/rmahalanobis.Rd man/totals.Rd man/missingProjector.Rd man/Hydrochem.Rd man/rmultmatmult.Rd man/boxplot.Rd man/gsifiltercall.Rd man/gsirecode.Rd man/summaryRcomp.Rd man/gsicoorinfo.Rd man/cdt.Rd man/mvar.Rd man/oneOrDataset.Rd man/gsieq.Rd man/CompLinModCo.Rd man/ratioLoadings.Rd man/ccomp.Rd man/variation.Rd man/HouseholdExp.Rd man/compmiss.Rd man/scalar.Rd man/WhiteCells.Rd man/gsitextpanel.Rd man/missingsummary.Rd man/clo.Rd man/logratioVariogram.Rd man/tryDebugger.Rd man/plotpos.Rd man/gsiisSingleRow.Rd man/princompacomp.Rd man/gsiinternal.Rd man/meanAcomp.Rd man/rDirichlet.Rd man/ccompgof.Rd man/gsidiagExtract.Rd man/gsiadd.Rd man/ConfRadius.Rd man/normalize.Rd man/acomp.Rd man/varAcomp.Rd man/princompaplus.Rd man/gsidiagGenerate.Rd man/gsiplain.Rd man/DiagnosticProb.Rd man/getdetectionlimit.Rd man/isoportion.Rd man/plot3drmult.Rd man/Hongite.Rd man/kingtetrahedron.Rd man/SerumProtein.Rd man/plot3dacomp.Rd man/ShiftOperators.Rd man/Supervisor.Rd man/Activity10.Rd man/endmemberCoordinates.Rd man/coloredbiplot.Rd man/Bayesite.Rd man/gsiclosespread.Rd man/ellipses.Rd man/print.Rd man/gsispreadToIsoSpace.Rd man/aplus.Rd man/vgmFit.Rd man/variograms.Rd man/runif.Rd man/plotmissingsummary.Rd man/plot.Rd man/gsireset3d.Rd man/biplot3d.Rd man/rpois.Rd man/Boxite.Rd man/rplus.Rd man/segments.Rd man/dist.Rd man/zeroreplace.Rd man/varmlm.Rd man/aplusarithm.Rd man/binary.Rd man/gsicsum.Rd man/ilrBase.Rd man/parametricMat.Rd man/mahalanobisdist.Rd man/princomprcomp.Rd man/outliers.Rd man/perturbe.Rd man/ternaryAxis.Rd man/rcomparithm.Rd

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